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Hypro’s transition from COVID crisis to the next normal

When every industry is adapting to life during a pandemic, we need to address the complex challenges that are continually unfolding. Rethinking safety of the employees and workers, while guaranteeing the security of supplies and addressing risks, building resilience to meet immediate operational demands, are some of the issues that need to be addressed and cope up with.

Stabilizing the supply chains and operations

The crisis team at Hypro, has done a commendable job to stabilize the operations and supply chains which were disrupted by physical distancing and on-site restrictions. Fortunately, our factory is located in a COVID-free area with a lot of open land around and nearly no human occupancy within a radius of 1.5 km, by virtue of which we are hopeful that we can keep our operations going smoothly and being least affected by COVID-19. We are stocking in raw material crucial for our processes and getting equipped to handle larger loads than we could previously.

Reshaping the business operations

Utilities need to think longer term by recognizing the operational shifts experienced in the industry as we re-imagine and reform our operating environments. We had to increase the speed of decision making, while improving productivity, using technology and data in new ways, and accelerating the scope and scale of innovation.

  • Re-structured the company post evaluations of our organization from a third person perspective post introspection
  • Crystallized on operating systems, process flow and documentation
  • We are in a final phase of ERP run with SAP B1

Standardization of systems for faster churning out of engineering

Revitalizing the system

We are infusing certain practices to carry an organization through a crisis with a renewed sense of purpose and trust. Few measures to strengthen our system to restore & maintain our market value.

  • Digitalised the company for project tracking, manufacturing tracking and task management for resources
  • Have conducted audits for ISO 2001-2015 with accreditation from TUV SUD Germany.

In house trainings of the teams to handle and deliver system certifications with U Stamp, CE, AD 2000, HP 0, ISO 3834 so as to stand at International Level

Adapting to meet the needs of the next normal

Finally, the COVID-19 crisis will have longer-term implications for the industry, and Hypro takes stock of the regulatory- and competitive-environment shifts to balance the future business footprints.

  • Restarted our manufacturing unit and are moving in direction to making it more efficient by sourcing more machines for faster, consistent and higher production capability.

We are also strategically moving ahead with most work to be in house and reducing the site work quantum to absolute minimal given the COVID-19 challenges that will be posted in future

Source: Hypro Group