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This Bangalore-based Artist Is Carving Her Own Niche With Handcrafted Mounted Wooden Bottle Openers

Imagine having to leave in the middle of a perfectly riveting conversation only to go hunting for a bottle opener. How many drawers do you have to rummage through and how often do you find yourself reaching out for your keys because it’s suddenly dawned on you that you lost it at your last house party?

Sure, you could crack open a cold one with your teeth but you risk damaging your enamel and could even end up with cut lips and gums. Not the ideal situation to be in.

Jayanthi Goyal

Local artist Jayanthi Goyal is hand-crafting vintage-inspired, mounted bottle openers out of waste wood that can be customised with whimsical doodles and beautiful lettering depending on what goes best with your ambience. These hanging bottle openers are a super clever way to keep your tool in a place where it catches not just yours, but everyone’s eye, quite literally!

Perfect for adding a hint of rusticity to an otherwise bare wall, each bottle opener comes mounted on a slab of wood that Jayanthi handpicks from a construction site near her house and then painstakingly shapes into pieces she can use.

“I had actually started with many other kinds of artwork like oil on canvas and coffee painting,” explains Jayanthi. “It was only recently that there was a construction that was happening in the neighbourhood, close to where I stay. There were lots of cut plywood pieces I’d often find there. One day I spoke to the owner and sourced a lot more wood from them. It was all new wood – just that it was cut in odd shapes. But instead of actually going and buying wood, I’d rather recycle pieces that will be thrown away, and that’s the whole beauty of this.”

Vintage-themed mounted wooden bottle openers, handcrafted by Jayanthi

After the shaping is done, Jayanthi then sands the blocks of wood and transforms each piece with flourishes of acrylic paints based on the theme picked by the client. The bottle openers come with an adorable pint-sized tin pail that serves as a bottle cap catcher which can be conveniently unhooked to when it’s time to empty out the caps.

When asked about whether she has a team to help with all the work, Jayanthi says smilingly, “It’s just me and my husband who, although runs his own catering business, helps me with cutting and shaping the wood for projects.” Her motto is to create the ultimate masterpiece: one that captures the way happiness feels.

Jayanthi has been painting for the last four or five years on a variety of materials such as glass and mirrors and having worked with many event organisers in the past, she does both single and bulk orders. While it was mainly Facebook where she put her work on display, word of mouth and friends from the events industry also gave her a fantastic backing. Now, a large chunk of her clientele comes from Instagram, where she puts up her artwork on display and shares notes on creativity and inspiration.

From quirky food puns for your kitchen to inspiring quotes for your workspace – Jayanthi does it all. To see more of her work, visit her Instagram page at @j.anthe.