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Geist Gifts Bengaluru With Some Boss-Level Growlers: Now Available For Sale!

For the last 12 months, Geist has been working hard to meet regulatory specifications to ensure their factory outlet is ready to welcome guests who want to visit, relax, get a bite to eat, drink a Geist beer on-premise and carry fresh craft beer home.

In the meantime, the pandemic hit. And, as beer lovers already know, it hit the F&B industry really hard.

Still, you don’t become the first beer brand in South India to distribute kegged, fresh craft beer in 2017 without pushing your boundaries, right?

So good news, Bangaloreans! While Geist continues to wait for their factory outlet license to be approved, the brand has successfully worked with the Karnataka Govt. to temporarily enable RVB license holders in Bangalore to sell fresh Geist craft beer in Geist Growlers to their customers. This exciting development in Karnataka’s beer history has been structured in a way to ensure that customers continue to benefit from Geist’s focus on producing high-quality craft beer through continuous investments in technology, learning and community.

With this move, Geist also hopes to help out the RVB-licensed clubs, pubs and restaurants in Bengaluru who are not only a critical part of Bangalore’s F&B industry but are also their partners and have suffered severe revenue losses due to the pandemic. Acknowledging with immense gratitude the trust and support of their partners who have been part of the journey since they became the first beer brand in South India to distribute kegged, fresh craft beer in 2017 – Geist hopes that this will help provide some relief in terms of more revenue options.

Here are the main highlights of the Geist Growler program for select clubs & restaurants who hold RVB licenses:


  • The Geist Growler is made of glass – each will hold 2 litres of beer and each Geist Growler can pour 6 x 330ml pints
  • All Geist Growlers will be filled using their state-of-the-art growler filling machine (the first of its kind in the country)at the Geist craft distribution brewery in Bangalore and supplied to clubs & restaurants, just like their kegs
  • They have 4 variants to offer in growlers: Geist Witty Wit, Geist James Blond, Geist Uncle Dunkel and Geist Kamacitra
  • Customers must place orders directly with select restaurants & clubs that are part of the program (routinely updated on Geist’s social media channels and website). How does it work? These restaurants & clubs will pass on orders to them so they can meet the supply using their end-to-end cold-chain for pick-up at the location the next day. Locations may also choose to have Geist Growlers available for walk-in customers.
  • A refundable deposit of Rs.500 will be charged per growler
  • Growlers can be returned at *any* of the select restaurants & clubs that are part of the program (routinely updated on Geist’s social media channels and website)
  • Like in the case of Geist served on tap, the pricing will be determined by these locations. Geist just provides a recommended price to the management.
  • The recommended shelf-life of an unopened Geist Growler is 7 days. After opening, Geist recommends that it be consumed immediately for an optimum, well-carbonated Geist craft beer drinking experience

Geist growlers are now available for pre-order at Karnataka Golf Association (for members only), Bangalore and The Reservoire, Bangalore. Keep checking Geist’s social media channels and website for a regularly updated list of locations!