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Geist Brewing Co. Rajajinagar is Back – Tapas Style

Geist Brewing Co., South India’s first distribution craft brewery, today  relaunched its craft beer taproom at Rajajinagar, with a new tapas inspired menu and ambience. This new  menu has taken inspiration from dishes across the globe and is drizzled with a tapas-style Geist twist.  Overlooking the lake at Orion Mall, this outlet is designed to provide a casual, yet elevated experience  with a modern and vibrant and atmosphere.  

The transformation places a focus on a holistic dining experience, with a breezy and welcoming ambiance  that complements the new culinary offerings. The restaurant offers up craft beer on tap, alongside an  innovative and unique cocktail menu, which also takes inspiration from global flavours. Whether you’re  dining for a romantic evening, a gathering with friends, or just looking for a quick bite, Geist Brewing Co.  Rajajinagar has you covered.  

The new tapas style menu features an array of innovative and diverse small plates, catering to all palates. Each dish on this curated menu showcases varied culinary techniques and flavour pairings. 

Here are some of the dishes to look forward to: 

Beer Soy Glazed Barbeque Ribs: Slow cooked smoked ribs glazed with an in-house sauce made of beer,  pineapple and soy, topped with a togarashi seasoning. Lip smacking-ly delicious!  

Fries Brie with Fig Chutney: A crispy Brie with truffle cauliflower puree and a fig chutney; this humble  cheese course pairs perfectly with the variety of beers on offer.  

Tuna Tataki: Influenced by the ingredients and techniques of two cuisines, this dish uses Vietnamese Nuoc  Cham, and Japanese Tataki searing. Served with pickled grapes, jalapeno, and red pepper relish, in this  dish, the ingredients speak for themselves. 

Ayam Taliwang: Chicken skewers coated with a fermented chili and coconut milk-based sauce, finished  on a tandoor main course. Taken inspiration from the Indonesian Ayam Taliwang dish but converted into  a small plate, this dish elevates the concept of BBQ chicken with unique sweet and sour flavours.  

Salmon & Coconut: Salmon torched with a sweet pickle puree on top, and a citrus coconut curd on the  side. This dish is inspired by ceviche, but a semi cooked version.  

Ghee Roast Bone Marrow: A soulful dish, where the roasted bone marrow is paired with an authentic ghee roast sauce and served with a coriander chutney and in house sourdough bread.  

Traditionally associated with Spanish cuisine, tapas consist of small, flavorful dishes served as appetizers  or snacks. Recently, India has seen a rise and evolution of the concept, where it has been adapted to local  tastes and traditions. This has allowed for creativity and experimentation in Indian culinary world. This  style of dining promotes social dining and encourages sharing, conversation, through a relaxed dining  experience, resonating with the Indian way of enjoying meals. With that in mind, Geist Brewing Co.  Rajajinagar has taken inspiration from tapas style of dining, to offer a menu that is globally inspired, but 

rooted in Indian flavours and soul. The shared plates concept is a fusion of flavors, set against an elevated  and modern ambiance.  

About Geist Brewing Co.

Geist Brewing Co. is South India’s first distribution craft brewery that makes fresh and planet-friendly craft  beer at its zero-liquid discharge brewery in Bangalore, India. The brand has established multiple  touchpoints, such as beer gardens and a retail presence, in addition to supplying local hospitality  businesses with kegs so that they can delight their patrons with an authentic craft beer experience. Today,  Geist beer can be found in 100+ kegs and in 90+ stores in Bangalore. They are also available in Hyderabad  and Pondicherry.