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Celebrate The Season Of Love With These Flavorsome Beers

What better way to enjoy a special moment with your partner than staring into each other’s eyes while sipping on something so deliciously flavorful, smooth, and aromatic? Even better if it pairs well with your favorite dish. Let’s celebrate love throughout the year with these delightful beers that are great choices to have on hand for this season.

Bira 91 Limited Release: Strawberry Cream Ale 

In time for the season of love, Bira 91, the world’s fastest-growing premium beer brand, and Tinder, the world’s most popular app for meeting new people, have come together to launch ’Strawberry Cream Ale’ – a Valentine’s Day special limited-release beer.

This unique deep gold-hued beer boasts a delicate malty aroma and a creamy, sweet texture that finishes smooth and clean. Infused with fresh strawberry puree, the bright fruity notes enhance the aroma and flavour, making it the ideal choice to raise a glass and toast to the special occasion of Valentine’s Day. The beer is now exclusively available at Bira 91 Taprooms in Koramangala and The Bengaluru International Airport, India starting February 13, 2023, until stocks last.

Sweetie Pie, A Collab Between Seven Rivers Brewing Company & Lavonne Cafe

With an ABV of 6.2-6.4% and 25 IBU, Sweetie Pie is a special brew that uses white stout as a base style with a hearty infusion of raspberries and toasted hazelnut. This is a medium to heavy-bodied brew with a pinkish hue, a perfect appearance to celebrate the season of love. Hints of raspberries and biscuity notes from the malt interact together to create this brew while the nose offers a pleasant whiff of toasted hazelnuts.

This style was first conceptualised at Seven Rivers Brewing Company, Taj, MG Road, Bengaluru in 2021, for valentine’s with their friends from Lavonne. The idea behind this brew was to recreate the sweetie pie that Lavonne carries as their valentine’s special in form of a pleasant brew. The aim was to not only recreate the actual notes but also to provide the customers with a beer that appeals to their olfactory senses and thus makes it a style that’s hard not to love. It quickly became a crowd-pleaser and was revived and perfected again this year on popular demand.

Heineken Silver

Celebrate authentic moments of joy with Heineken® Silver – a refreshing, smooth, and easy-to-drink lager brewed over 28 days. This premium beer, launched in Bangalore, Mumbai, and Goa, provides a new generation of consumers with a refreshing twist on traditional socialising. Enjoy its delicious taste in a sleek silver can or iconic green bottle.

In Mumbai, prices start at Rs 150 for a 330-ml pint, Rs 180 for a 500-ml can, and Rs 230 for a 650-ml bottle at off-trade retail outlets. In Bangalore, prices start at Rs 120 for a 330-ml pint, Rs 160 for a 500-ml can, and Rs 200 for a 650-ml bottle at off-trade retail outlets. In Goa, prices start at Rs 70 for a pint, Rs 70 for a 330-ml can, and Rs 105 for a 500-ml can at off-trade retail outlets.

Lone Wolf Beer

As the season of love sets in with the steadily oncoming summer, what’s the way to be and stay cool? That’s where Lone Wolf comes in, bold, new and refreshing. While the world is celebrating this day in the same old way, be the maverick that #unfollows old ideas and stands out from the crowd.

With the hops and yeasts imported from Germany, low additives and enzymes, the Lone Wolf beers go down easy and leave one fresh to go out on the prowl the next morning, to break and make their crescent trajectories. Lone Wolf is available for sale and distribution in Delhi, Haryana and Chandigarh, while Punjab and Himachal Pradesh will follow soon after. A can of the Lone Wolf Strong beer is priced at INR110/- in Delhi, and a pint of their Mild Lager is priced at INR 85/-

Spring Romance At Hops and Grains & Great Bear

A rose is a rose is a rose, but when the brewmaster infuses the elements and applies chemistry, he crafts a perfect beer for your loved one. This season of love, make your partner’s heart go ‘hoppy’ with the rose-tinted theme of blossoming ‘Spring Romance’ and the special Red Rose craft beer at the Hops ‘n’ Grains Microbrewery (Panchkula and Mohali) and The Great Bear Kitchen and Microbrewery, Chandigarh. The beer has been brewed using fresh rose petals, leaving you with a sweet taste and rose aroma. The beer has a delightfully medium body and light creaminess to it. So, ditch the bouquet of roses and instead treat your loved one to a handcrafted red rose and a delicious food paring to go fabulously with it.







14 February 2023
Editorial-Brewer World