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Donate to service industry workers by drinking this beer

Knoxville-based Hi-Wire Brewing has released a new beer in response to the devastating coronavirus onslaught. It also helps the hospitality workers on both state and national-level who are out of work/unemployed during this global crisis.

It’s a Hoppy Session IPA of 5 percent ABV with the words “Donate to service industry workers by drinking this beer” printed in bold blue on its can.

A portion of the proceeds from every 6-pack of this particular IPA sold will be donated to two charitable organizations that are currently raising donations to provide financial aid to nearly 700,000 bartenders and thousands of people in other related jobs who have been impacted by the coronavirus.

As in other countries, India too has begun to witness the economic impact of this virus. Along with several others, the craft beer industry too, has started seeing the aftermath of the lockdown. Hundreds of employees lost their jobs, beer had to be drained, bills piled up while litres lay in tanks at risk of spoiling. After an almost two-month battle: microbreweries in Karnataka have finally managed to secure permission to kickstart production. Freshly risen from an almost 80-day-long halt on production and with COVID-19 on everyone’s minds, will this inspire our local microbreweries to come up with coronavirus-pandemic-themed craft beers? Follow us on @brewerworld for instant updates!

Source: BrewBound