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Coffee Meets Alcohol: A Brewista Collaboration

~BLR Brewing Co. X Bonomi Hazelnut Stout is brewed with bold flavours and meticulous craftsmanship~

BLR Brewing Co., an eminent micro brewery in Bangalore known for its exceptional brews & Bonomi, a leading cold brew company, has recently collaborated for something unique and flavorful to introduce their latest collaboration craft beer: Hazelnut Stout. Crafted with precision and a commitment to excellence, this bold beer showcases the artistry of both brewing and coffee-making. It is rich and roasty, with a smooth and creamy finish. It has a distinctive coffee aroma and flavor, while the hazelnut and chocolate flavours are very well balanced from the start till the finish. Every sip will evoke notes of coffee as well as chocolate and can be easily distinguished by its deep & dark color. 

Prasanna Kumar, Co-Founder of BLR Brewing Co., expressed his excitement about the collaboration, stating, “Working with Bonomi to create the Hazelnut Stout has been a remarkable experience. The craftsmanship and dedication demonstrated by the Bonomi team have elevated the quality of this brew to new heights. We are confident that stout lovers will appreciate the unique flavor profile we have achieved.”

Combining the robust characteristics of an American Stout with the rich flavors of coffee, hazelnut, and chocolate, the Hazelnut Cold Brew Stout promises an indulgent and well-rounded drinking experience bursting with flavor. With an ABV content of 6.3% and an IBU score of 28, this brew offers a delightful balance of bitterness and smoothness.

“Our collaboration with BLR Brewing Co. on the Hazelnut cold brew stout has been an incredible journey, resulting in a harmonious fusion of coffee and beer flavors. Working closely with the passionate team of BLR Brewing Co including Vivek and Umang has been an amazing and fulfilling experience, feeling our enthusiasm for creating exceptional craft beverages” says Vardhman, Co-Founder of Bonomi

Pairing options with the brew include an array of delectable bar bites, perfectly complementing the flavors and enhancing the overall experience at the brewery. The space is spread across two floors, indoors and an imposing rooftop to enjoy the breezy weather of Bangalore.

The American Stout joins an impressive lineup of brews at BLR Brewing Co. from the classic Hefeweizen, Belgian Wit and Farmhouse to the rich Nitro Stout, seasonal Mango Blonde, Summer Session Ale and more from their menu to expand your palate. All craft beers are brewed by Head Brewer, Umang Nair expertise in hand-crafted beers. 

This special edition beer will be available only for a limited time at the JP Nagar branch of BLR Brewing Co. BLR Brewing Co., JP Nagar is a Brewers Hub which has established a reputation for creating innovative and experimental beers through collaborations with other breweries and brewers. Great beer, craft cocktails, delectable food and good music—is what defines BLR Brewing Co.

About BLR Brewing Co.

BLR Brewing Co. is one of Bengaluru’s largest Brewpark, located in three different locations within the city. The theme of the place celebrates the five elements of Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Space, bringing them together in one place. With live gigs, DJ nights, and a globally designed menu, BLR Brewing Co. attracts crowds of all ages and interests. BLR Brewing Co. has recently won the Bar with Best Ambiance award by Times Food & Nightlife.