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5 Classic Beer and Pizza Pairings You Need To Try Now

If you had to pick between a piping hot, impossibly cheesy slice of pizza and a pint of your favourite beer style, chilled to perfection: which one would you choose? 

We get it: it’s an unfair question. That’s why we have days like International Beer & Pizza Day to be thankful for, because it lets us club our love for both and celebrate two of mankind’s best creations ever. 

A certified match made in heaven: Beer and Pizza is a power couple that dates back hundreds of years and humans have only been refining this combination ever since. Not only is pizza made from three of the four major ingredients that are used to brew beer (yeast, water and some form of malt/wheat), it also offers you a wide choice of toppings to help you whip up a creation that best satisfies your momentary cravings. And if you’re looking to wash down a slice, you don’t need to stick to any old lager, either! From full-bodied porters to refreshingly crisp pilsners to hard-hitting IPAs – the world of craft beer serves an equally wide range of styles that perfectly complement just about any pizza flavour out there!  

Simple and versatile, yet packed with flavourful complexities, beer and pizza pairing today, is one of the hottest trends – whether you’re at home or attending larger get-togethers. So here are 5 most loved beer and pizza pairings that have stood the test of time with thirsty pizza lovers, just like us. Go give them a try and let us know which one you like best! 

1. Pale Ales with Cheese Pizzas

Basic, but still a golden classic, cheese pizzas are perfect when you want to keep things simple. Since cheese is the main hero here, try pairing it with a hoppy pale ale. The malt content in this beer won’t drown out the cheesiness while the bitter flavours will cut through the rich, greasy proteins in the cheese to cleanse your palate and bring out the flavour between slices! 

2. Smoked Beers with Meaty Pizzas 

If you love your pizza loaded with a mix of meats sans greens – try pairing it with smoked beers like a rauchbier. Piggybacking on the spices and naturally charred flavours from the meats with a similar smokey-profiled beer kicks up the meaty savouriness, making this one of the most intense beer and pizza pairings ever! 

3. Fruit Beers with Hawaiian Pizzas

The choice of putting pineapples on one’s pizza is a very personal, touchy topic. Whether you’re a fan or not, Hawaiian pizzas, named after America’s most scenic state are still a global crowd-pleaser! Take the sweet, tropical flavours in this pizza up by several notches by pairing it with a light, fruit ale. The summery sweetness from the fruit beer helps complement the sweetness in this ham-and-pineapple concoction as well as the acidic flavours from the tomato sauce spread. 

4. Kölschs with Veggie Pizzas 

Crunchy, delicious and light on the stomach, the earthy flavours of vegetarian pizzas provide a delightful opening act for Kölschs. Low on malt content and moderately hoppy with just a dash of fruity-floral notes, this crisp style works brilliantly well with the flavours of onions, mushrooms, olives and various peppers 

5. Stouts with Mushroom Pizzas 

Fancy your pizza loaded with portobellos or buttons? Reach for a stout! Don’t be intimidated by these dark, robust beers. The sturdy profile of this style oozes notes of rich, toasty malts and the seductive, silky-smooth flavours of coffee and chocolate – adding depth and complexity to the buttery-soft deliciousness of mushrooms like no other! 

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