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Hello YouTube!

In the year of 1999, Pyra Labs’ Blogger platform became the globally recognised pioneer of e-blogging and was responsible for bringing blogging to mainstream users of the Internet. But by the time microblogging culture kicked in in the late 2000s, the alphabet “b” from “blogging” was pretty much already replaced by a “v”.

Fast forward to 2020. From catching up on the latest news while sipping our morning coffee to winding down with our favourite show at night: videos have pretty much become a staple in this fast-paced, digital life. Whether these are motion graphics stitched in seamlessly with micro-narratives or even self-generated videos that use real-time data – the ability of videos to create extraordinary audio-visual experiences transcends that of traditional media. 

As India’s first-of-its-kind content-driven platform for the beer and brewing industry, we at Brewer World are constantly trying to fulfil our vision of finding better, more dynamic ways to get our content over from our screens to yours. And what better way to fulfil this than via YouTube: the original giant of video content where the world comes together to watch over 1 billion hours of videos each day?

Brewer World – Now On YouTube!

Join us and hundreds of other beer-loving enthusiasts and industry members as we take over the stage and give you a chance to virtually immerse yourself in the fascinating world of beer! We’re kicking off our channel with our first-ever series: Beer Basics, a 60-episode show featuring brewers across India to bring you the best of beer styles straight to your screens!

But that’s not all! From beer business talks, interviews and trends to brewery tours, cooking with beer and reviews – this is just a tiny glimpse of all the fabulous stuff we have lined up! Make sure to visit our YouTube channel and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel so you can start virtually bingeing!