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BLR Brewing Co. introduces India’s Largest Waterfall at Its Whitefield Brewpub

BLR Brewing Co., a pioneer in traditional brew gardens, proudly announces the grand opening of its fourth and largest brewpub now in Whitefield. This exceptional establishment is more than just a brewpub, it is a marvel and a celebration of nature, tradition, and the timelessness of Bangalore.

Spread across a sprawling 65,000 sq. ft. with a seating capacity of 1200 covers, BLR Brewing Co. Whitefield celebrates the equanimity of mother nature. With an earthy-toned ambiance and the captivating allure of the beautiful Koi Pond mirroring the timeless beauty of Bangalore’s serene lakes, BLR Brewing Co. artfully invokes the nostalgia of old Bangalore from its most elegant age. 

Drawing inspiration from the cities of origin, BLR Brewing Co. offers a one-of-a-kind twist with cocktails named after locales such as Lakhimpur Kheri, Kollam, Cuddalore, Chikamangalur, Ooty, Chopta, Mysore, and many more, bringing a homely touch to the drinking experience. From award-winning craft beers that tantalize your palate to exquisite global cuisine savored by the tranquil Koi Pond, from enjoying the majestic India’s largest waterfall inside a brewpub to a grand European-themed stone bridge, BLR Brewing Co. beckons as the ultimate haven for heritage, nature, and culinary excellence. 

Expressing his excitement on the launch, Prassana Kumar, Co-founder of Blr Brewing Co, shared, “In the vibrant metropolis of India, Bangalore has showered us with immense love in the past five years. With our latest outpost in Whitefield, our focus is to cater to Bengaluru’s diverse mix of people from various backgrounds while retaining the look and feel of old Bangalore. At BLR Brewing Co., we are dedicated to uniting people, encouraging them to come together, and joyfully celebrate both momentous occasions and everyday pleasures in nature’s embrace.”

“Keeping the innovation at the forefront, we have curated signature cocktails, each crafted with iconic notes and ingredients from a different state of India. With the new restaurant launch in Whitefield, BLR Brewing patrons will also welcome South Indian gems to our menu. Reminiscent of the old Bangalore, we have created a welcoming space for everyone,” he added

Where Design Meets Nature’s Elemental Zones

Retaining Bangalore’s old-days charm, the brewpub curates the perfect symphony by uniting nature’s five elemental forces that craft life itself. – earth, water, fire, air, and space. The mesmerizing 45-foot waterfall serves as a dynamic centerpiece, not only capturing the essence of life but also setting the stage for a sensory adventure. As patrons traverse the grand stone bridge, connecting different realms within the establishment, the open and airy ambiance creates a captivating atmosphere. Ascending the majestic staircase, guests discover a hidden gem—a grand performance stage, ensuring each visit is accompanied by live entertainment, adding an extra layer to the symphony of nature and tradition. 

Crafting Culture Via Culinary Excellence

At BLR Brewing Co., Bangalore’s diverse crowd can savor exquisite cocktails like Lakhimpur Kheri, Kollam, Chopta, Mysore, Cuddalore, and many more, each a multicultural masterpiece celebrating India’s vibrant states through a signature ingredient.

A paradise for beer aficionados, the brewpub beckons patrons into a world of mixological marvel with an incredible diversity of flavors and styles available. From hop-forward India Pale Ales (IPAs) to rich and complex stouts, and from sour ales to barrel-aged wonders, the craft beer landscape is a playground of taste sensations. The dual presence of two large bars on each floor not only amplifies the social ambiance but also provides a canvas for expert bartenders to craft immersive journeys in mixology. With classics sporting a twist and innovative concoctions featuring locally sourced ingredients, the beverage menu emphasizes elevating the drinking experience through well-balanced and ingredient-driven creations. The two bars within the property will be hosting various interactive bar collabs and takeovers regularly.

BLR Brewing Co. knows a masterpiece needs the perfect melody, i.e., the true essence of Indian cuisine is best experienced when paired with complementary flavors. To enhance this culinary experience, the brewery offers a thoughtfully curated food menu that complements the distinct profiles of their craft beers.

From street food-inspired appetizers to rich and flavorful main courses, each dish is designed to harmonize with the unique characteristics of BLR Brewing Co.’s craft beers. Guests are encouraged to explore beer and food pairings, enhancing their overall dining experience. Each visit to BLR Brewing Co. Whitefield becomes an exploration, inviting guests to uncover the rich tapestry of flavors, textures, and stories hidden within every corner of this culinary haven.

Community Engagement and Cultural Events

Beyond the delightful fusion of flavors, BLR Brewing Co. Whitefield is poised to become a cultural hub within the Whitefield community. Regular events, such as beer tastings, pet friendly events, live music nights, and cultural food festivals, create a vibrant and inclusive space for locals and visitors alike. The brewery aims to foster a sense of community, celebrating the rich tapestry of Indian culture through shared experiences.

Where Coffee Meets Craftsmanship

Beyond beer, Blr Brewing Co offers a diverse set of brews at its signature in-house cafe, Beanlore Coffee Roasters. Curated specially for coffee aficionados, Beanlore’s aromatic brews are a brainchild of BLR Brewing Co.’s co-founder Prasanna Kumar. The in-house cafe offers the most distinctive coffee blends ranging from the perfected tropical experience with dried pineapple, earthy spice, candy hints, and fermented pineapple warmth to Monsoon Malabar blends with chocolate hints and the tropical finish of coastal breeze. 

About BLR Brewing Co.

BLR Brewing Co. stands as a testament to the evolving landscape of craft beer, proving that innovation knows no bounds.  By seamlessly blending the authentic flavors of global cuisines with the artistry of brewing, this establishment has not only created a unique identity but has also established itself as a cultural landmark in Whitefield adding to its 3 award winning outlets across the city. For those seeking a beer experience that transcends the ordinary, BLR Brewing Co. beckons with a tantalizing journey into the heart of India’s culinary heritage. Cheers to a brewery that not only crafts exceptional beers but also crafts unforgettable memories.

Address: No. 2, behind HDFC Bank, Doddanakundi Industrial Area 2, Seetharampalya, Hoodi, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560048

For reservation call: 08071 174 545

Timings: 12 pm to 1 am

Average meal for two (with Alcohol): INR 1500

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