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Best Beer Gifts For This International Men’s Day

It is Women’s day that we always celebrate even though men are a huge part of our lives. Beer is associated more with men than women due to the social stigma. There are many reasons why most women tend to stay away from beer even though many women these days are slowly shifting towards it for comfort. I guess we women can live with that. So, Let’s give the men we love the gifts that they love or are associated with. Here are a few beer gifts you can look through to keep them really happy. 

Travel Keg Kit 

Take the man’s growler game to the next level with this vacuum-insulated travel keg that keeps beer cold for up to 45 hours. In addition to being leakproof and dishwasher-safe, it’s also easy to maintain no matter how much he uses. 

Hopped Up Coffee 

Some of the best beers are brewed with coffee flavours in mind, from breakfast stouts to java porters. What could make a man happier than a coffee with beer flavours? For its Black IPA and Chocolate Stout flavours, Hopped Up Coffee turns that premise on its head by incorporating malted barley, hops, and roasted cocoa nibs.

Beer Soap 

Beer shampoos are nothing new. The latest trend is beer soap. Beer is good for your hair and skin. So, why not give the man one? The scent of these soaps is not that of stale, crushed cans of swill after a frat party. So cool are the beer soaps that include sage and lavender from pale lagers, eucalyptus and citrus from brown ales, and flowery hops and barley from West Coast IPAs. You don’t want him to be an odorous beer drinker, so let him slather his body in the wonderful aromas that accompany his favourite beer.

Beer Cap Map 

Many men for years save bottle caps as souvenirs. Why not help them make it into a piece of art? Beer Cap Maps made of plywood allows anyone to make a unique piece of wall art using the caps of their favourite beers and breweries. 

Bucket List Scratch Poster 

Making his beer drinking pursuits into a bucket list could help repurpose them as “productive” pursuits. This bucket list scratch poster serves as a testament to your savvy palate and serves as a great conversation starter.

Portable Cooler Bag 

He can use this stylish cooler bag to transport brews while keeping them cold when he doesn’t need a full-blown cooler. This bad boy will make him feel like a beer secret agent when he is on a road trip. He can use it to hold three wine bottles, six 12-ounce beer bottles, ten 12-ounce cans, or seven 16-ounce cans.


Playing Monopoly usually takes six hours and ends with him having a heated argument with you about placing hotels on Park Place. Unlike Monopoly, Beeropoly includes drinking beer as part of the game. At the end of a long work week, you would rather play Beeropoly.

So, Beer Gifts It Is!