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Why Are There Bubbles Stuck To The Insides of My Beer Glass?

What’s the one special ‘ingredient’ that makes beer so damn delicious? It’s the same thing that’s responsible for creating that bubbly texture in the mouth while enhancing the aroma and cleansing the palate so you enjoy that next bite of pizza. One word – carbonation.

But just because carbonation bubbles make beer taste…well…like beer – doesn’t mean it’s okay for them to hang around inside our beer glasses, clinging to their sides! The reason?

Carbonation bubbles colonise around unwanted gunk around the insides of a glass – be it food residue or dish soap. While it most definitely can compromise on the taste of your beer, it’s more importantly, also not something you want to ingest, especially if it’s dishwashing liquid detergent!

The inside surface of a beer glass, no matter what style, should ideally be smooth. This allows bubbles to float upwards to the foamy head in one fluid motion.

So the next time you see carbonation bubbles attaching themselves to the insides of your beer glass, send it back immediately because it means only one thing: your glass still needs some rinsing!

03 June 2020
Editorial-Brewer World