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A beer connoisseur who is passionate for all things beer. Abhinav has spent majority of his time working with American home-brew clubs to gain extensive knowledge on beer brewing, style history and sensory skills. He also holds Cicerone's - Certified Beer Server tag and plans to take next levels in the near future.

Common House

The Common House brewery in Karjat is a perfect brewcation you didn’t know you needed. Nestled in the 170-acre Oleander Farms, it is a

Barley Crop

Barley crop is significantly down. In the US, across Idaho, barley production is forecasted to be down 31% in 2021 as compared to 2020,

Carlsberg India

Bringing to life its iconic tagline ‘Probably the Best’, Carlsberg India has launched its NY Dawn design & packaging in Maharashtra & Goa as

Seven Rivers
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In terms of consumer appeal, the word “local” creates a powerful impression. There’s always a certain pride we bear when we support brands and

Beer Clean Glass

Wouldn’t it strike you as tragic, if something like dust, or a spot of dish residue, compromised your beer drinking experience? Or do you

Black Brewhouse

The coronavirus pandemic has rendered us sedentary in ways that no one could have predicted. Nothing could be a bigger start for Lucknow than


In a world where everybody is trying to find ways to save energy and reduce their carbon footprint, understanding where and how you can


Poona’s ‘hoppiest’ craft beer festival 'The Poona Brewout' is back after more than two years with beers, grub and lots of cheers! It’s going

lalbrew app

To extend support to brewers across the world, Lallemand Brewing has launched the LalBrew® app, currently available in English, French, and Spanish. This application


In a world where everybody is trying to find ways to save energy and reduce their carbon emissions, understanding where and how you can