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Aura Sky Bar & Brewhouse, The Swankiest New Hotspot in Kolkata

Aura Sky Bar & Brewhouse is one of Kolkata’s swankiest new hotspots, and it’s a great place to get trippy on music and drinks. The LED neons lighting up the décor make for a psychedelic experience that is hard to top on a windy late evening with your date. Their house special LIIT, as well as their delectable sizzlers, will undoubtedly brighten your mood. 

Aauris is an innovative four-star hotel in Kolkata that offers 60 guest rooms, including 8 suites, a modern function area, a fitness room, and a spa. Scarlet – The Café Lounge is tucked away in the lobby, while the MoJo Lounge Bar, the Aura-The Sky Bar & Brewhouse, and Zyqa- The Modern Indian Restaurant are all located in complementary and stylish surroundings. The property’s ambiance will revitalize you with its breathtaking and stylish décor sprinkled with eccentric touches. The glistening shades of luxury at Aauris will take you on a journey that you will remember for the rest of your life.

The Aura Sky Bar & Brewhouse is dedicated to offering the most delicious cuisine around. Enjoy all of your favorite dishes and beers from their very own brewery as the live jazz band sets the mood. 

Sandip Sawant, Head Brewer at Aura Sky Bar & Brewhouse said, “As the market matures and consumers demand a premium and high-quality craft beer, the development and growth of microbreweries will continue. We enjoy seeing our customers’ enthusiasm for craft beers. People are open to new experiences and are looking for craft beers they have always wanted to try. They are now more interested than ever in learning about the various types of beer and how they are made. They are not afraid to experiment because they already enjoy the beer. Many people enjoy walking into a brewery and meeting the brewer. Craft beer is also a great way to try out new flavors.”

Sandip Sawant, Head Brewer at Aura Rooftop Lounge & Brewery

Sandip further added, “Brewers are constantly developing new recipes, and there is something to please everyone’s palate. While many people have a favorite beer and are initially reluctant to experiment, others are willing to experiment and try new things. Large beer companies rarely release new beers with novel flavors as frequently as beer enthusiasts would like. Microbreweries, on the other hand, are more flexible and innovative due to their small size and can release new craft beers with new flavors to keep the market interested.”

Aura is the ideal place to unwind in winters and is a place for millennials who love to vibe, listen to good music and enjoy drinking beers.

Here are a variety of beers that you can try at Aura.

Belgian Wheat

ABV – 4.5, IBU – 14. 

Flavor Profile: A traditional Belgian wheat beer with a light yellow hue. Slightly spiced with coriander, orange and a hint of black pepper. A full-bodied refreshing beer with medium carbonation. Brew Master’s choice.  

The German Wheat (Hefeweizen) 

ABV – 4.8, IBU – 12. 

Flavor Profile: The German-style hefeweizen, brewed with 50 per cent malted wheat. Cloudy in appearance. Fruity on the nose and notes of banana and clove comes through from the yeast during the fermentation. It’s a super easy drinkable beer.


ABV – 4.5 , IBU – 15 . 

Flavor Profile: Lighter in-color beer that is visually appealing and has no particular malt or hops characteristics. Highly carbonated type of beer. The beer has a slightly dry and crispy finish.

West Coast IPA

ABV – 4.9 , IBU – 35 . 

Flavor Profile: The beer is characterized as floral, fruity, hoppy and citrusy. This beer style is all about hop flavor with a higher side of bitterness. Medium to full-bodied beer. 

Blueberry Ale

ABV – 4.2 , IBU – 08 . 

Flavor Profile: The Blueberry ale is a unique beer having a light pink hue. It’s a delicious and refreshing beer with floral notes and hints of blueberry on the palate. It comes from fresh frozen blueberries.  

Available in: 500 ml @540 │400 ml @450 │ Sample set @100


If you are in Kolkata, or planning a trip anytime soon, Aura is a must-visit bar. Try some delicious beers with mouthwatering sizzlers while sitting and listening to music on a rooftop.

10 January 2023
Aakriti Rawat