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Catamaran Brewing Company Introduces “Dive in Blues”, A Vibrant Low-Carb Hard Seltzer

Catamaran Brewing Company introduces “Dive in Blues”, a low-carb lavender-hued hard seltzer, a result of meticulous craftsmanship and Catamaran’s commitment to authenticity and sustainability.

The key to their exceptional product lies in their unconventional approach to fermentation. Instead of resorting to artificial additives and flavouring agents, they harness the magic of wild floral honey and sugarcane juice to create the base of their seltzer. This unique combination provides a subtle sweetness and brings a delightful complexity to the drink’s taste profile.

To elevate this experience further, they have embraced the infusion of butterfly pea flowers and blueberries, giving the seltzer its mesmerizing lavender hue. The butterfly pea flower lends a beautiful natural colour, while the blueberries contribute a touch of fruity zest that perfectly complements the honeyed base.

Commenting on the launch of “Dive in Blues”,  Suryakant Singh, Head Brewer at Catamaran Brewing Co. talks about the idea behind the seltzer, it’s production and flavour profile.

What inspired you to create hard seltzer, and how did you develop the recipe?

Our inspiration for making hard seltzer stemmed from our desire to capture the essence of Pondicherry – a place known for its colourful French Colony and craftsmanship. Our vision was to craft a light-bodied, easy-drinking, and mild beverage that would not only quench the thirst of locals and travellers but also evoke the artistic wonder the town embodies.

Thus, the idea of “Dive in Blues” was born.

The choice of the name “Blues” was deliberate, as it not only represented the serene blue hues of the sea but also paid tribute to the community of fishermen, surfers, divers, and volunteers continuously striving to Save the Ocean.

The idea for the recipe struck us one day while James (assistant brewer), Anand (trainee brewer), and I were enjoying our regular stop at Rock Beach, where Anna, the shopkeeper, served us Butterfly pea flower tea with a hint of lemon, that was the moment that sparked our inspiration.

We decided on making a seltzer because it offered the perfect blank canvas for infusing flavours, ensuring a light and refreshing outcome.

Could you take me through the process of creating Dive in Blues, from concept to the final product?

Dive in Blues is a hard seltzer, and the process began with fermenting a base made of wild floral honey collected from Kotagiri and Sugarcane juice, which provided the required gravity. We used wine yeast for fermentation, resulting in a Brut Seltzer with mild fruity esters.

Next, we infused the seltzer with Butterfly Pea flowers sourced from Auroville Farm and fresh Blueberry puree. These additions not only added flavour but also masked the dryness of the seltzer, leaving behind a pleasant light sweetness and a hint of spiciness from the berries.

Do you have plans to create more seltzer recipes in the future?

Absolutely! Dive in Blues is not our first foray into crafting seltzers. In the past, we have created seltzers like Mogambo Seltzer, which featured mosambi and bamblimass, and Chinese Orange, which inspired our Tropical Seltzer.

We are continuously experimenting to amaze our community with unique and natural fruit, flower, and spice-infused drinks. Currently, we are working on a couple of new experiments that challenge the conventional definition of seltzers established by other countries. We recently spoke to Ashish Nayak, a beer enthusiast, who provided us with valuable suggestions. We plan to incorporate those ideas to create offbeat seltzers that are rich and viscous, packed with the goodness of real fruit.

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