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UK is currently going bonkers over a certain desi brew. It’s an Indian lager, inspired by the rich essence and tropical vibrancy of none other than “God’s own country” – Kerala.  To outsiders, this slender coastal strip of land may seem unimpressive when viewed on the


The Inaugural "Craft Beer Talk" presented by DVKSP Impex Private Limited is here at Drink Technology India, Delhi! Three days of curated conversations and workshops with experts from all avenues of the craft beer industry. Register now to reserve your spot. 12th, 13th and 14th


Last week, Elon Musk’s hard-edged electric Tesla Cybertruck made its debut in the international market. It sparked quite a debate, and we’re not just talking about the Blade Runner-inspired design. For those who aren’t aware, there has always been a bit of a tug-of-war scenario between


Let’s face it. Drunk people do not make great beer brand sponsors, be it in real life or in the movies. As such, it becomes necessary for production houses to dig up fake suds for props. That’s how Heisler was born. This non-beer brand has made an


For centuries, humans have nurtured and enjoyed a very close relationship with plants and greens. Sometimes we turn to them for their medicinal properties. There are many that are planted in homes and gardens for decoration. The rest are tossed into smoothies and salads for


In many countries abroad, particularly in the UK, nothing screams breakfast more than a glass bottle of fresh milk being delivered to your doorstep. However, one dairy company is shaking things up a little. British dairy giant, Milk&More, who also happens to be UK’s largest electric vehicle operator,

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Carlsberg has just dropped a 0.0 alcohol beer in the Irish market. The new beer is everything you’d expect from its flagship Danish pilsner-style lager – and more. The brew retains everything – right from its refreshingly crisp, hoppy bite to its clean, caramelised malty


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