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Wild Drum Introduces A Low-Cal, Vegan & Gluten-Free Hard-Seltzer Infused With Fruit Flavorings

Wild Drum is one of the first companies to introduce hard seltzers in the Indian market

Say cheers to the hottest global trend being introduced in the coolest Indian drink. One that lets you have all the fun without worrying about calories. Hard- Seltzer is a fresh, new category of beverage that is gaining skyrocketing popularity all around the world. Famous celebrities like Travis Scott, Gordon Ramsay, and Priyanka Chopra Jonas have been raving about hard-seltzers. Indians were missing out on the world’s healthiest drinking trend but Wild Drum has taken the lead in bringing it to the country.

Wild Drum, an Indian brand has launched hard-seltzers,  a clear carbonated  beverage infused with natural fruit flavourings. Wild Drum offers the refreshing beverage in three flavours: Pure, Mango, and Lemon-Mint.

It is a super hydrating and an invigorating beverage with no added colour. It is a refreshing drink made with clear carbonated water, alcohol and is infused with natural fruit flavourings. We relish sipping cocktails and hard drinks, but the daunting fear that keeps us from having a good time is the scare of a hangover and excess calories.

With Wild Drum, step into the realm of a healthy binge because it has less than 99 calories per serving, making it the perfect alternative for health-conscious people. Those who prefer and enjoy the concept of leading a healthy life-style appreciate how efficient it is at generating a potent high without affecting their carbs or sugar intake. It is compliant with trendy diets like keto, paleo and more.  It is Vegan, Gluten Free, Low-calorie, Fat Free and with No preservatives.

It is the only perfect alternative for people who want to have a good time while being careful about what they consume guilt free. Hard-seltzer craze has become the latest trend amidst millennial drinkers across the globe, it is perfectly positioned  for social occasions that are less fixated on alcohol and mornings that are less obscured by its repercussions.

Talking about their brand, founders of Wild Drum said, “For us, entering the nouveau hard-seltzer category is a huge step forward. Hard-seltzers are becoming increasingly popular across the globe as a perfect combination of a hydrating and a refreshing alcoholic beverage. It is healthier and thus  a preferred alternative to beer. Our brand speaks to a diverse group of people, who revel in a variety of ways ranging from relaxed and chilled to going completely uninhibited and wild. The audience is largely aware of the negative effects of alcohol combined with high sugar intake and appreciates the option of a novel drink with outstanding taste that is guilt- free. With Wild Drum, having a good time no longer means compromising on one’s health.”

Wild Drum can be found in all major wine shops throughout Maharashtra, Goa, and Madhya Pradesh. It will be available for online sale in the near future, according to the firm.

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Wild Drum is one of the very first companies to introduce hard-seltzers in the Indian Market. It was launched in August 2021. Hard-seltzer is a new category of beverage which has taken the international market by a storm. It is a clear carbonated beverage infused with fruit flavourings.

The brand plans to specially address the community of health-conscious people by offering a beverage that is Vegan, Gluten Free, Low calorie, Fat Free and with No preservatives.