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Technologies Ready to Disrupt the Hospitality Industry

Technology comes from two Greek words, techne and logos. Techne means art, skill, craft and Logos the utterance by which inward thoughts are expressed. Thus, technology as a whole stands for the means by which you can express your art or skill. Technology has made its way into each and every industry or business and with the evolution of technology it has proved to be a silver spoon for businesses. Technology has made man reach the Moon and now Mars too, and restaurant/ hospitality industry has also not been aloof of this.

With the ever-changing demands of food and hospitality industry, technology made a space for itself and the void that it filled has been properly cemented with the regular innovations in place. Tech in hospitality started with beforehand reservations of tables at restaurants and then came POS (point of sale) which helped people to enjoy their drink/meal without the hassle of much cash flow. Some of the disruptive technologies which are making their space to the hospitality industry are.

Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence or AI has been making waves in every business possible whether its AI enabled speakers, payments systems and whatnot. Similarly, AI is ready to bring some waves in the hospitality industry, with AI ordering and selecting what to eat and drink will become much easier and it will help you decide a perfect meal for your occasion. That’s what AI was made for right.

PYOB (Pour Your Own Booze):

Being in a millennial era BYOB has become quite popular and what new that is trending is PYOB. Pour your own Booze is an addition to self-service which has been adapted by restaurant chains like McDonalds and KFC quite a while ago. With PYOB a customer can pour a drink of his choice whether it being Beer/Whiskey/Cocktails using a QR code on the tap available and with this one would not worry about the butler to help you with your drink. And some restaurants that are servings drinks with PYOB are The Beer Café, Social Café, Hard Rock Café and some others.

Bar on Cloud:

With changing trends in Technology space has become an issue and with things going on cloud space is not also a constraint. One can now send images, documents, folders so why not your favourite drink. With Bar on Cloud, restaurateurs are promoting that their consumer should drink responsibly and has helped erasing cash flow issue.

UrBar by The Beer Café is one such feature which gives you the advantage of having a ‘Bar on Cloud’.

Other technologies that are already being used by the restaurateur to lure their consumer are

Stock Exchange Deals:

Like NSE or BSE, there is Stock Exchange drinking where one can order their drink at a price depending upon the price at the moment and vary in the price depends upon the consumption of that drink and time of the day of the order.

Pre-booking at your ease:

Pre-booking of tables and tabs at restaurant has become easier, which was possible with the help of a phone call before has not gone online and customers can pre-book a table/tab without even being physically present there and such online portals helps in getting various discounts/deals at the restaurant of your choice.

12 May 2019
Editorial-Brewer World