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DVKSP Impex Pvt Ltd, operates in the area of imports and exports for a variety of beer and brewing products and is one of India’s leading suppliers for quality hops, malts and other brewery products from USA, UK, Czech Republic, Belgium and more. DVKSP, initiated the


The 1st edition of Brew Talks was held on November 27th, 2017 at Windmills Craftworks prompting the Berliner Weisse Brew Day and introducing IREKS malt into the Indian market. The 2nd edition of Brew Talks launched Betel Juice at Arbor Brewing Company in collaboration with


GEORGE JACOB Brew Master & Director, The Beer Chronicles The Beer Chronicles India “Brewlab is an amalgamation of experience and knowledge with the art of brewing and the science of Brewing. It brings together people from all around the world with various tastes and preferences along with different


George Jacob Founder & Partner, The Beer Chronicles Since I’ve written about wheat beers earlier, I figured I’d make this article about another favourite – the Stout. While there are a variety of Stouts being brewed and served in India, to avoid making this a long rambling


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