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Summer is almost upon us. And just as your skin needs that extra layer of sunblock to shield it from the sun’s heat, your beer too, needs some added protection so it can retain its taste. After all, there’s really nothing worse than cracking open


Australia has been synonymous with beer since the 18th century. Beer is Australia’s traditional drink and a cultural icon that put the country on the map centuries ago. But what made the country a paradise for beer-lovers? How, when and where did it all start?


With winter almost on its way out and the day of lovers falling mid-month, February is actually the perfect month for sinfully luscious, stouts. Dark, chocolaty and malty - drinking these rich, full-bodied beers is almost like receiving a bear hug - and will leave


Craft beer bars and microbreweries have taken the world by storm. With so many beer-focused establishments coming up all over the country, there are bound to be some differences; some offer a truly authentic experience while the others - not so much. Zeroing in on microbreweries


The whole beer-cans-versus-beer-bottles topic has been an ongoing debate since the time they started popping up in stores, making beer easily accessible to consumers across the globe. And though both come with their own set of pros and cons, here are a few key pointers


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