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From being a one-time rarity to becoming the popular norm for craft brewers - collaboration brews or “collabs” have come a long way.  They are an ode to the craft beer industry’s unique esprit de corps which encourages sharing of knowledge, equipment and raw materials,


Fabian Clark Technical Brewer, Muntons Malt Ask a brewer about the variety of their base malt and they will probably say: “it’s Pale Ale Malt” or “It’s Lager Malt.” If you are lucky just maybe someone might say: “It’s from a winter barley”. But, unless they’re making


BIJAY BAHADUR Bijay Bahadur, has more than 29 years of experience in Indian/multinational breweries, IMFL bottling plant and brewery greenfield and brownfield projects and factory operations – maintenance, production, environment health and safety and project management. Author of Brewing – A Practical Approach, is for practicing


Ashwini Rajagopal Head Brewster, TJ’s Brew Works As all great callings go, Ashwini Rajagopal’s began when she was in the womb. Her mother, worked with a brand called the Golden Eagle. Her childhood was spent playing in commercial breweries converted into makeshift playgrounds, with clouds of hop


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