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Steinecker GmbH as an autonomous company within the Krones Group

  • Krones will in the future, synergise all its operations to do with brewery business under a single roof: Steinecker GmbH.
  • Beginning in April 2021, the newly founded company will offer all of the solutions and equipment required in a brewery.
  • Company headquarters with its can-do team of experienced brewery and beverage specialists will be strengthened. Steinecker will continue to use Krones’ globe-spanning production, sales and service network.

All over the world, Steinecker has for more than 145 years now been known as a strong brand synonymous with brewing technology. By combining technology from Steinecker with its own portfolio, Krones has meanwhile positioned itself on the market as a one-stop supplier in the brewing and beverage industry for over 25 years.

Krones wants to be there for its clients as a partner they can rely on whenever they need help and to this end locate areas of untapped optimisation potential on a continuous basis. In order to see this aspiration rigorously through to achievement, it is necessary to review the relevant processes and render them more efficient and customer-responsive. As part of this thrust, Krones has now decided to focus even more meaningfully in the future on plant and equipment construction in process technology.

Beginning in April 2021, the newly founded Steinecker GmbH will therefore offer all of the solutions and equipment required in a brewery, from raw materials reception right through to the finished product. The company’s portfolio will be supplemented by appropriate after-sales and service concepts. Dirk Hämling will take over as Managing Director. He has since last summer been in charge of the Breweries Business Line at Freising. Dirk Hämling has spent more than 20 years gaining valuable international experience and during that time held various managerial positions at plant and machinery manufacturers whose focus is on process technology.

Marrying strengths to strengths

The Krones facility in Freising near Munich will in future be Steinecker GmbH’s headquarters – and the roughly 450-head-strong team working there, comprising experienced brewery and beverage experts, engineers, technologists, project managers, and automation and production experts, will continue to look after their brewery clients’ projects all over the world, just as they have done before. The entire project planning and processing team, the engineering, production and erection/installation departments, plus the product development operation, will be represented at this facility. One major focus will first and foremost be on a sustainable, energy-efficient, CO2-neutral brewing process. The company’s own experimental brewing facility, the Steinecker BrewCenter, is the perfect supplement here, offering a basis for developing innovations and upgrades of products used in the brewing process.

The company’s portfolio will be expanded to include two additional modules: Steinecker will also combine at one location all automation-related products and services and integrate control solutions like its own Botec F1 process control system – providing this service not only for breweries but also for clients in the dairy and beverage sectors. Furthermore, the company will offer appropriate after-sales and service concepts, precisely tailored to the requirements of process-technology systems.

Above and beyond this, Steinecker will continue to benefit from its can-do alliance with Krones, utilising the group’s strong, international production, sales and service network with its over 100 sites located all over the world. When a beverage company will in the future, opt for a turnkey solution from the House of Krones, the entire kit, comprising not only process-technology systems but also filling technology or utility solutions, will come from a single source as before

Header image credit: Linda Kohl, Krones AG

Source: Krones AG