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Paving The Way for Australian Malting Barley to India

The Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre (AEGIC) is continuing to engage closely with  Indian brewers and maltsters to pave the way for Australian malting barley to enter the Indian market. 

More than 30 members of the Indian brewing and malting industry took part in an online seminar, hosted by AEGIC and Austrade, communicating the quality, safety and the reliability of  Australian malting barley. 

AEGIC Barley Markets Manager Mary Raynes said the seminar was a collaborative effort,  with participation from AEGIC, Barley Australia, Grain Trade Australia, Grains Industry  Market Access Forum and the Australian Government. 

“By 2030, the size of the Indian malting barley market is likely to be between 450,000t and  650,000t,” she said. 

“The Australian barley industry is working together to ensure Australia is well-placed to  capture a strong share of this market.” 

India has not been a malting barley market option for Australia for 10 years due to a  technical phytosanitary restriction.  

The Australian grains industry is working together with the Australian Government and the Indian Government to work through technical issues and allow market access. 

Behind the scenes, AEGIC has been engaging with Indian brewers and maltsters to help provide a pathway for Australian malting barley to enter the Indian market. 

AEGIC Barley Markets Manager Mary Raynes said there was a healthy and growing thirst for Australian malting barley in the Indian malting and brewing industry. 

“Our visits to India during 2019 were very valuable, firstly to engage with Indian malting and brewing industry, and secondly to increase the Australian industry’s understanding of what  India wants from Australian malting barley,” she said. 

“Indian maltsters and brewers are really keen for the opportunity to access Australian malting barley, and are very eager to engage with us and provide their feedback on their preferred malting barley quality requirements. 

“AEGIC will keep working in India to capitalise on the groundwork we’ve already laid and ensure Australia can fully capture this opportunity.” 

This work will involve continued technical engagement to assist Indian maltsters and brewers in understanding the benefits of using Australian barley. 

The Australian malting barley: quality, safety and reliability seminar was officially opened by  Australia’s Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment Simon Birmingham. 

Ms Raynes gave an overview of the Australian barley industry, followed by Barley Australia’s  Megan Sheehy who spoke about how Australia adds value for customers through the malt barley accreditation process. 

Pat O’Shannassy, CEO of Grain Trade Australia, described Australia’s grain quality assurance system while John Southwell, Australian High Commission Counsellor (Agriculture), gave an overview of  India’s importing requirements. Tony Russell, Executive Manager of GIMAF, hosted a dynamic and highly-engaged Q and A  session.

About AEGIC:
AEGIC is an initiative of the Western Australian State Government and Australia’s Grains  Research & Development Corporation

02 October 2020
Editorial-Brewer World