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Longboat Microbrewery Pioneers Beer Ice Creams, Setting New Trends in India

Longboat Microbrewery, a leading name in the culinary scene/ microbrewery industry, is making waves once again with its innovative approach to flavours. As the ice cream industry experiences a period of great creativity and innovation, Longboat Microbrewery is proud to announce its foray into the realm of beer-infused ice creams, a first-of-its-kind concept in India. This bold move showcases Longboat’s commitment to pushing boundaries and delighting taste buds with unique and exciting offerings.

Embracing Ice Cream Trends and Innovations:

In line with the emerging trends in the ice cream industry, Longboat Microbrewery recognizes the growing demand for in-house creations across restaurants, ice cream parlours, and ice cream manufacturers. By introducing its range of beer ice creams, Longboat is embracing the concept of exclusivity and offering a remarkable fusion of two beloved indulgences – beer and ice cream.

Early Entrants and Inspiration:

Pioneers in the ice cream business in India, such as Lake View, Corner House, Naturals, and Ideal ice creams are well-established and emerging brands. These esteemed establishments have paved the way for innovation and set high standards for the industry. Longboat Microbrewery takes inspiration from its success. We also take extreme pride in our beers which is our core product and build upon it by introducing beer-infused ice creams, a concept that combines the craftsmanship of brewing with the artistry of ice cream making. Being a microbrewery we want people to connect with our beers as much as possible, we have also created a beer-infused dessert called Beeramisu which is a Longboat exclusive with our in-house crafted stout beer infused with the famous traditional tiramisu.

Unveiling Unique Flavors:

Longboat Microbrewery’s beer ice creams promise a delightful and distinctive taste experience. By expertly infusing their popular brews like Belgian Wit, Hefeweizen and Mango Wheat beers into creamy, frozen treats, Longboat creates a harmonious balance of flavours that will captivate beer enthusiasts and ice cream lovers alike. The result is a range of indulgent beer ice creams that showcase Longboat’s commitment to quality and innovation. Since we are a microbrewery and a lot of craft elements are involved in the beer-making process we keep experimenting with different seasonal flavours of beers as well for example the guava saison, and watermelon wit, so we can introduce seasonal special beers to our range of ice creams accordingly.

Craftsmanship and Sampling Stage:

“The idea of creating beer ice creams was brewing in my mind long before we even set up Longboat Microbrewery. I wanted to combine the craft elements of our beer-making process with the delightful experience of ice cream. It’s an innovation that allows us to push boundaries and offer our customers a unique taste sensation. With our range of indulgent beer ice creams, we are setting new trends in India and captivating both beer enthusiasts and ice cream lovers alike.” – Vinay Chandrashekar, Co-founder, Longboat Microbrewery.

Sukanya Banerjee, in-house home baker who is pioneering this process along with the pastry and dessert team with the guidance of the head chef Mr Raju Vinkar and along with the assistance of the head brewer Mr Karthik Singh who recently won the best brewer award in India in the latest edition of the Brewer World competition 2022-23 edition. The team has reached the sampling stage, carefully refining the beer ice cream recipes to ensure a flawless combination of flavours. By drawing upon their expertise in brewing and culinary arts, Longboat Microbrewery is poised to offer a truly remarkable and unparalleled taste experience.


Longboat Microbrewery is forging new trends in the ice cream industry and raising the standard for culinary innovation by introducing beer ice creams to the Indian market. Longboat Microbrewery promises an enjoyable and refreshing experience for customers by blending the worlds of craft beer with scrumptious frozen delights. Stay tuned as Longboat Microbrewery continues to push the frontiers of taste and redefine the culinary scene with its pioneering spirit. This will be one of Longboat’s main USPs.

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