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LongBoat Brewing Company & Forge BREU-HOUS Collaborates to bring forth a Refreshing Belgian Pale Ale

In a celebration of the unifying spirit of craft brewing, the recent collaboration between LongBoat Brewing Company in Bangalore and Forge BREU-HOUS from Hyderabad exemplifies a shared passion and friendship that transcends geographical boundaries. With a profound dedication to the art of craft brewing, these seasoned brewers have joined forces to introduce a Belgian Pale Ale. A radiant copper hue delight beckons enthusiasts to embark on a captivating odyssey of malt sweetness and delicate fruity nuances, skillfully intertwined to deliver a refreshing and harmonious experience.

Craft brewing, at its core, is an art of experimentation and innovation. It is a medium for enthusiasts to explore and present diverse styles and flavours to an eager audience. This collaboration reflects the spirit of pushing boundaries and bringing unique craft beers to the forefront.

“We’ve known the folks at Forge for years, and this collaboration was bound to happen someday,” shares Kathik Singh, Head Brewer, LongBoat Brewing Company. “Craft brewing is like a theatre for craft beer lovers, where different styles and flavours eagerly await their turn to dazzle the audience. With this collaboration, we wanted to introduce something traditional yet unfamiliar to the Indian palate,” says Vinay Chandrashekhar, Founder, LongBoat Brewing Company. 

The Belgian Pale Ale, with an Alcohol By Volume (ABV) of 5.6% and a modest International Bitterness Unit (IBU) of 11, offers a distinctive experience. Described as a very easy-drinking beer, it carries the unmistakable “funk” associated with Belgian beers, yet it doesn’t overpower the senses. The intentional decision to keep the IBUs on the lower side allows the malt and yeast characters to shine, providing a perfect introduction to the Belgian beer character.

“Some may say it’s the least ‘Belgian’ tasting beer, but it retains that unmistakable funk,” notes the team. “We aimed to create an experience that is both new and approachable for our customers.”

Cheers to the Belgian Pale Ale – a harmonious blend of tastes emerging from camaraderie, fervor, and a mutual appreciation for pushing the limits of artisanal brewing. You can savour it on tap starting March 1st at LongBoat Brewing Company, MSR Layout, Marathalli.