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Garden City Beer Collective, A New Microbrewery’s Ode To The City Of Bengaluru

~ A tribute to the vibrant spirit of Bengaluru, where every sip of craft beer & every bite is a celebration of this incredible city ~

Bengaluru, March 2023: Introducing India’s first-of-its-kind, Garden City Beer Collective (GCBC), a new microbrewery that reflects the truest essence of Bengaluru in almost every sense and aspect. The entire establishment is an ode to the Garden City, not just in flavours, cuisine & the cocktail program but also in having the lung space which is reminiscent of the old Bangalore before it developed into the bustling metropolis it is today. Located in Yelahanka, spread across a beautiful 3 acres, GCBC intends to make connections happen while keeping it natural and friendly, aims to bring people together, explore and celebrate big occasions and small joys in the laps of nature, all with equal gusto.

Why are we called Garden City Beer Collective? 

A space that welcomes brewers to conspire, an exploration of beer styles, and a tribute to the garden city itself. The creators of this space took a page from nature and planted a big wild garden that grows many things. Showcases India’s first sushi and dim sum garden, and brewery that’s to take root here, as creators by nature, GCBC is a garden of forking paths where all trails lead to a good time. 

While the microbrewery is slated to launch later this year, ‘Beer Collective’ in GCBC, is on a mission to create a world-class community for craft beer enthusiasts, eventually bringing in exciting collaborations, including international beer brands freshly brewed on-site. Garden City Beer Collective is built with the ultimate goal of creating an experience for beer lovers to try, taste and learn about beers from across the globe. 

“We wanted to create a space that reflects the unique character of our garden city, Bengaluru and celebrates its true essence and beauty. While having said that, the ultimate idea of this experience we’re curating is for people to come and celebrate with friends, families and their pets, in a space that’s close to nature, welcoming the freshness of the countryside” says the Founding Partners, Akshar Halgali, Akshata Bindumadhav and Karthik Chandrasekaran. 


GCBC is a garden for the Garden City. The most unique feature of the microbrewery is the five zones, each named after iconic trees, natural water bodies, and botanicals found in Karnataka. The notion of the garden offers itself effortlessly to all the core ideals of GCBC – nature, community and leisure.  The design unfolds as a series of hovering canopies gracefully floating above the landscape. The landscape has been designed to weave in and through the structures, softening their strict formality. 

  • The Hoppery, the microbrewery, is designed to celebrate the act of brewing in the midst of nature. Is a pet-friendly brewery garden where the fur babies can run around untied and carefree.
  • The Flame Tree (Gulmohar), is the live kitchen pavilion that will serve the Robata grills, wood-fired pizza oven, tandoors and other Asian flares. The centerpiece is a grand organic sculptural chandelier that is inspired by the aerial roots of the mighty Banyan tree. Beside this is an elevated platform of the pavilion coupled with the moat allows the space to easily transform into a stage for performance. 
  • The Badminton Ball Tree, is thus named because the space is designed as a sports bar. It represents the sports arena which will focus on all things sports, right from screening matches to foosball, beer pongs, and all things fun.
  • The Silk Cotton Tree, is a first-of-a-kind outdoor Garden that has a live Sushi and Dim sum counter serving Sake & other Asian fares. This garden is designed as a minimal Zen garden complimenting the sushi kitchen with the minimal quality of the landscape and the architecture of the sushi kitchen is emphasized with subtle lighting. The structure of the pavilions themselves has been designed to lightly float over the landscape below. 
  • The Hydrilla, is an exclusive poolside area for pre-booked private parties by the pool. 

“When dealing with nature it is often best to allow it to lead, while we play the role of facilitator or a silent co-conspirator. In this regard, when we got the site, the stage was already set for the drama of nature to play out”, says George Attokaran, Principal at Atto Atelier, the interior designer firm brought in to vision GCBC.


The dining experience at GCBC is a unique blend of authentic Indian cuisine and a global perspective. All the mouth-watering delicacies are accomplished by the collaboration of GCBC’s renowned chefs. Chef Shailendra Kekade elevates traditional recipes with an international flair and highlights the same along with the experience being curated at the Sushi and Dim sum Garden. While Chef Vikram Udaygiri is deeply rooted in Karnataka and has travelled the entire state, his comprehensive knowledge of the recipes and ingredients is a homage to showcasing the hyperlocal elements of Karnataka and the beautiful city.

Some of the exclusive dishes on the menu range from a variety; Miso-Caesar (Cos lettuce, miso aioli, pickled enoki, radish & scallions), Carbon Chicken Kebab (activated charcoal marinade & beetroot hummus), Now You See Me (witbier in buckwheat shell & citrus herbs), Beer-a-misu (coffee savoured, stout gel, beaten mascarpone). The native food menu invokes nostalgia through a culinary ode to the Garden city with dishes like GoliBaje (crispy flour dumpling served with fresh coconut chutney), Shetty’s Anjal fry (Pan-grilled king fish marinated in rice flour and local spices), Badanakai Yennegai & Jolada Roti (Brinjal curry served with jowar or sorghum bread).

Introducing India’s first Sushi Garden serving Sake & Asian fare

Where innovation meets experience, Nasu Miso Maki (Asparagus Miso aubergine sushi roll), Gochujang Mushroom Dimsum (Steamed assorted mushroom with fermented chilli), Ninja Kuro / Kuro of the Samurai (kedgeree of Shillong purple rice tossed with native far-eastern spices & fresh edamame).


The beverage programme, led by ace mixologist Karthik Kumar, features some of the finest global signatures with a fun twist like Gummy-bear Hadu (gin, hibiscus, lemongrass, grapefruit & lime juice, served with a gummy bear). The ode to the garden city continues with our cocktail pram, where Karthik has innovative Native signature Cocktails Like Mysuru Pak Tini (vodka, Mysore Pak clarified with citrus, served with a small portion of the aromatic ghee-based Mysore Pak sweet), Ele Oota (white rum with banana, cardamom & lime juice garnished with banana leaf – as how local oota is served upon), Rasa G&T (gin & tonic with kokum & rasam-flavoured foam).

Garden City Beer Collective is set to open its doors to the public from the 15th of March 2023, and the team is excited to share their passion for bringing communities together and their love for Bangalore’s food, parties and natural beauty, all together under one roof.


GCBC is presented by Akshar Halgali, Akshata Bindumadhav and Karthik Chandrasekaran. Akshar Halgali and Karthik Chandrasekaran are also the co-founders of URU BrewPark, Record Room and Boteco, Bangalore. The team comes from immense experience and fondness for the F&B sector.


Address: 82/2, Gantiganahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560064

Timings: Open 7 days a week from 12:00 noon to 12.30 AM (Subject to Govt. notifications)