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Elevate World Cocktail Day with BeeYoung: A Fusion of Craft Beer and Mixology

BeeYoung’s philosophy revolves around authenticity and an artisanal approach to beverages. While they are recognized for their exceptional beers, this World Cocktail Day, they embark on a journey to revolutionize the world of beer-based cocktails. With their tagline “More Than Fun,” BeeYoung promises not just a drink, but an adventure in taste and innovation.

Leading this expedition into uncharted cocktail territory is celebrated mixologist Vikas Kumar. Leveraging the distinct flavors of BeeYoung’s craft beers, Kumar has crafted exclusive recipes that promise to redefine expectations of beer-based drinks. Let’s dive into the world of BeeYoung-inspired cocktails:

Umami Bloom


– 60 ml Clarified Tomato Juice (Agar washed)

– 10 ml Celery Distillate

– 2 drops Ghost Chili Tincture

– 3 drops Saline

– 150 ml BeeYoung Beer

Method: Roll all ingredients together in a shaker, top up with BeeYoung Beer, and serve chilled.

Description: A perfect summer refresher, the Umami Bloom brings a savory twist to your palate, making it an unforgettable addition to any cocktail menu. 

Wake Up Call


– 60 ml Nitro Coffee

– 10 ml Hazelnut Syrup

– 150 ml BeeYoung Beer

Method: Build up in a highball glass.

Garnish:Grated Tonka Bean

Description: Ideal for coffee lovers, the Wake Up Call is a stimulating blend that wakes up the senses. Watch the live coffee brew, followed by a fizzy top-up of BeeYoung Beer, offering a truly dynamic drinking experience.

About BeeYoung

BeeYoung is crafted with precision, using the finest ingredients like two-row European barley for that perfect maltiness, and a mix of Columbus & Styrian Golding hops for an enriching aroma and taste. Additionally, 100% sortex rice and pure spring water from Bhakra Dam gives BeeYoung its smooth and refreshing taste. With an ABV of 7.2%, BeeYoung not only delights the taste buds but also makes an ideal companion for summer cocktails.