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Effingut Brings A One-Of-A Kind Craft Beer Experience To Delhi

After establishing its eminent presence across Pune, Mumbai and Kolkata, Effingut brings its celebrated craft beers to the Capital, with the launch of its newest outlet in Saket.

As a prominent brand established in Pune, Mumbai and Kolkata, Effingut is all set to make its debut in the capital, with the launch of its outlet in Saket. With its venerated craft beers, Effingut is now a name synonymous with great beer and a passion for experimentation. Starting 5th of October, 2022, Delhi will experience craft beers like never before. For the first time ever in North India, Effingut offers 16 different beers on tap, accompanied with an extensive menu of the finest delicacies.

Effingut aims to provide Effing Good beers made with only the best, high quality ingredients. Each legendary craft beer that is brewed is made with ingredients that are painstakingly sourced from various corners of the world to ensure authenticity. There are no artificial flavours or preservatives added to the brews to ensure the Effingut vision – craft beer, in its truest sense.

With 16 different craft beers on tap, there is a flavour for each and every patron to enjoy. Over the years, Effingut has taken pride in introducing patrons to various different styles from around the world.

As of today, Effingut has a pan-India presence with three different verticals across four cities that cater to any kind of patron. This includes the Effingut 2 Go boutique stores, Effingut Bistros and The Effingut Brewpubs and Taprooms. Effingut pubs provide the perfect ambience for one drink or a few, accompanied by an extensive menu with delicious food and great music. There are a variety of Indian, Oriental and Continental dishes to choose from, all made from the most authentic ingredients, with an Effingut twist. The Khow Suey, Prawns in Mustard Chilli Sauce, Pork Ribs, Butter Chicken and Thecha Chicken are among the menu’s must-try culinary creations. Each brewpub has a lively, enticing ambience that ensures a good time to anyone who visits.

It has been almost a decade since Maharashtra experienced the joy of craft beers. Effingut Breweries Pvt. Ltd. opened their doors in 2014, and completely changed the concept of drinking legendary, authentic beers. Now they are all set for their launch in the National Capital Region. For the first time ever in North India, Effingut Delhi will serve 16 craft beers, meads and ciders on tap.

Manu Gulati, fondly called MG. by all, Founder & Master Brewer, Effingut Breweries Pvt Ltd, commented on the launch, “We’re excited that the journey that was started 9 years ago, on experiencing the first sip of true craft in London, has now brought us to the Capital City. After having introduced True Craft beer to hordes of consumers across Maharashtra, we’re confident that people in the city will take to craft beer and join us to take this revolution forward. Apart from the beers, we have Meads and Ciders on tap too. An offering of 16 on tap will appeal to most. Not only in our beers, we carry the concept of craft, which is handcrafted, no artificial flavouring or shortcuts, in our food menu too. Along the way we’ve found ourselves to be the flag bearers of craft beer in the country. We look forward to introducing craft to the rest of the country after having seen success in Pune, Mumbai, Kolkata amongst other cities. I can confidently say that the Effingut brand travels well.”


Effingut Saket, Saket District Centre, District Centre, Sector 6, Pushp Vihar, New Delhi, Delhi 110017

14 October 2022
Editorial-Brewer World