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Drinking Beer May Slow Down Alzhiemer’s: Says Chinese Study

Drinking beer has its perks, especially when it comes to your health. Like wine, the abundance of antioxidants in beer has a positive influence on the overall health of a person. In terms of your physical health, beer can help protect your heart, lower bad cholesterol, strengthen the bones, and prevent kidney stones. Furthermore, beer’s effect on mental health includes reduced stress, improved memory, and better cognitive function. All of these promote the development of a healthy brain.

A study conducted at a Chinese university has shed some light on how consuming beer can slow down Alzheimer’s.

Also known as senile dementia, Alzheimer’s is caused by oxidative damage to the neurons present in the brain. The disease has a number of symptoms including, but not limited to, memory loss, confusion, aggression and depression. Though no cure exists, the various symptoms of Alzheimer’s can be improved via medication and other management strategies.

Researchers at the university found xanthohumol, a beer compound, to have anti-oxidation, cardiovascular-protection and anti-carcinogenic properties. These properties have the ability to protect the brain’s neural cells and delay the development of any brain disorders. Xanthohumol is the key component of hops – one of the key ingredients used for brewing beer.

Although drinking beer can be a boon, this is in no means an invitation to teetotallers to begin drinking right away. And, this certainly isn’t an excuse for you to indulge in heavy drinking. Always remember, too much of anything is bad for you, and we advocate moderate and responsible consumption of beer for a happy, healthy life.


National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI)

15 December 2019
Editorial-Brewer World