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CoBo: Elevating Kolkata’s Nightlife with Asian Flair and Crafted Brews

In the heart of Kolkata, Aauris hotel, situated on Robinson Street, has undergone a transformative shift in its nightlife offerings. Once home to the celebrated Aura, a party haven that graced the city’s skyline since 2018, Aauris bids farewell to the iconic venue to introduce CoBo—an Asian Skybar & Brewery. Spanning an expansive 6,000 square feet, CoBo distinguishes itself with a captivating atmosphere that sets it apart from the city’s other nightlife spots.

Designed by the talented Karishma Mehta, CoBo unfolds into three distinct sections—glasshouse, semi-outdoor, and open-air—each carefully crafted to evoke a unique mood. A departure from the darker ambiance of its predecessor, Aura, one of CoBo’s standout features is its abundant natural light, creating an inviting and refreshing environment. The decor, illuminated by various lights, transforms the space into a dynamic setting, offering a stark contrast between day and night. 

At Aauris, we meticulously curate a lively playlist seamlessly blending retro, hip-hop, techno, and the latest trends, forming a diverse and captivating musical tapestry. Managing Director Dimple Saini emphasizes the importance of tailoring the music selection to a 25 to 40 age demographic. The goal is to provide a well-rounded mix that resonates with a broad audience, inviting everyone to participate in singing and reveling in the enjoyment, states MD Dimple Saini, Managing Director at Aauris.

CoBo’s culinary offerings, curated by Chef Sneha Singhi Upadhaya, add another layer to its allure. The menu, although currently concise, features experimental fusion Asian cuisine that tantalizes taste buds with fresh and vibrant flavors. Chef Sneha hints at an upcoming expansion, promising a more extensive menu in the coming weeks. Additionally, CoBo plans to venture into brunch, offering a unique and enticing midday dining experience that patrons can look forward to.

A key element of CoBo’s appeal lies in its carefully crafted beer selection, showcasing a variety of styles and flavors that cater to diverse preferences. Let’s explore some of the delectable brews that grace CoBo’s menu:

COBO Hefeweizen:

Originating from Germany, this traditional Bavarian Wheat Beer boasts a delightful blend of fruity accents, particularly banana and clove. Renowned for its aromatic complexity, this beer presents itself as very hazy due to the suspended yeast and proteins, offering a unique visual and taste experience.


This Pale Yellow brew promises a refreshing experience, contributing to the diverse range of offerings at CoBo.

COBO Lager:

An American Lager, known for its crisp and clean profile, offers a light body, mild malt sweetness, and subtle hop bitterness. Smooth, refreshing, and easily enjoyable, this Lager adds a classic touch to CoBo’s beer selection.

COBO Amber:

Originating from Germany, the Amber ale at CoBo strikes a balance between pale ales and stouts. Its approachable flavor profile stems from a combination of malted barley and, at times, caramel or crystal malts used in the brewing process.

COBO Rose:

Drawing inspiration from the world of wine, specifically rosé wine, this North American creation is characterized by its pinkish or reddish hue. Achieved through specific ingredients and brewing techniques, the Rosé beer adds a touch of sophistication to CoBo’s beer collection.

Every beer we carefully make is like proof of our commitment, giving you a memorable and outstanding experience with each sip. It’s not just a drink; it’s a special experience, an invitation to enjoy the happiness, dedication, and love we put into every drop,” says Head Brewer Sandip Sawant.

Come along with us on this exciting trip through the heart of Cobo Brewery, where brewing is more than a skill—it’s a heartfelt art. Each glass of beer tells a story of our dedication to doing things excellently.

While the pocket pinch of Rs 3,000 for two without alcohol reflects CoBo’s commitment to providing an accessible experience, it is the fusion of ambiance, culinary artistry, and crafted brews that truly sets this Asian Skybar & Brewery apart. Kolkata’s nightlife has a new gem, and CoBo promises not only to cater to its patrons but to elevate their expectations of a truly immersive and sophisticated nightlife experience. Whether you’re a beer enthusiast, a food connoisseur, or someone seeking a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere, CoBo welcomes you to indulge in the fusion of Asian flavors and crafted brews high above the city lights.