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Case Study3

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RMI Analytics GmbH | International Media Partners

Client: RMI Analytics

RMI Analytics AG is one of the few independent advisory firms in the world specialized in brewing raw materials. Founded in 1999, today RMI Analytics has extensive relationships with a great number of the world’s leading companies along the brewing raw material supply chain from growers to brewers.

RMI Analytics successfully provides market insights, creates networking platforms and delivers advisory services for the industry in order to help our clients make better decisions.

Market: RMI Analytics GmbH ran their first Symposium in Nuremberg before the BrauBeviale, the world’s most important capital goods exhibition for the beverage industry, to discuss the real and imagined potential of heirloom and terroir barley and malt.

Scenario: Organising a knowledge forum consisting of experts from the beer & brewing industry. Representatives of microbreweries, medium-sized and industrial breweries as well as suppliers for the brewing industry used the place2beer for networking and knowledge exchange. In addition to this platform, where even Indian beer was tasted, the Brewer World Seminars took place on the first and second days of the trade fair. There, experts discussed topics such as quality assurance of raw materials and ingredients and global trends in beer brewing.

Planning and approach:

Our media partnership approach provides a strong platform for unique content delivery and engagement, leading up to and during the RMI Symposium in Nuremberg. The Brewer World approach to promoting the event oversea’s can be categorized as follows–

  • Target Audience: Brewer World is India’s first & only techno-lifestyle magazine dedicated to the Beer & Brewing industry. With a captive audience of 10,000+ global readers, we identified with a curated target audience of beer stalwarts & enthusiast.
  • Commitment of media coverage: before, during & post the event we used the publication & our social media network to spread the word through creatives, advertisements & advertorials
  • Co-promotions & Cross promotions: Using effective branding on all communication for the event, we adopted a co-promotion strategy by dedicated mass mailing, e-banners on respective websites, & increased media exposure of the RMI Symposium

Conclusion & Benefits:

More than a dozen international experts in the field of barley breeding, farming, malting, and brewing convened on the Messe trade show grounds for the Symposium. Several speakers, including Martin Breun of Saatgut Breun in Germany and Walter König, General Manager of the German Malting Barley Association, focused on the many agronomic and processing qualities of modern varieties as the reason for the general disappearance of heritage varieties, which often survive only as remnants of the past in specialized seed banks.

Managing Director at RMI Analytics Dr. Christian Temme said the feedback he received was excellent.

“Participants, speakers and brewers alike are unanimous in their praise for the format and the content of our first event in Nuremberg in connection with the BrauBeviale”.

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