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Case Study1

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2019-2020: Embassy Group –
Brewer World Turnkey Project: Setting up a Brewery

The Embassy Group, a leading development firm in real estate commenced its operations in 1993.  The past year has been a landmark year for Embassy’s Hospitality portfolio. Expanding hotel footprint with new signings and created new niches with Bengaluru city’s first private luxury club, new restaurants, a premium food delivery app, a leisure management company and their latest entry into the Indian beer market with a microbrewery.

Client: Embassy Hospitality Group

Market: Microbrewery


After deep diving into the intent of entering in the beer and brewing industry, Embassy Group realized the need for robust work management solution than their existing legacy solution team to manage and recommend the right products and service along with the project delivery on time.

Scope of work:

To provide complete turnkey beer & brewing solutions which included –

  • Equipment brand selection
  • Brewing Contracts
  • Sourcing Raw Material

Planning and approach:

Brewer World consultancy took over the need gap fulfilment, starting from the basics, understanding the client requirements, evaluation set up and setting up the workflow. Brewer World team had rounds of discussion with the top management on the approach that includes the budget, best recommended equipment required, minimum area required to set- up and the time frame.

Work Front Solution:

After an evaluation of the project need, Brewer World team utilised the comprehensive in-house team to provide the details for the equipment in line with the specification provided.

  • Equipment Design Support & Facility Planning for Breweries:
    Given freehand Brewer World recommended the best suitable Equipment brand, depending on batch size selection as per capacity, space allocation and budget.
    – Indian
    – Chinese
    – European
  • Source & Purchase of Raw Materials:
    Brewer World facilitated vendor meetings to identify the best suitable raw material vendors at the best price depending on the client requirements.
  • Raw Material Vendors (Malt, Hops, Yeast):
    – Indian
    – European
    – USA
  • Brewer Contracts:
    – Brewer World helped provide the client with hiring a Brewer leadership/contract which included –
    – Head Brewer
    – Assistant Brewer


  1. Filtered & Verified Vendors depending on your budget & requirements
  2. Short-listed choice to choose from certified vendors & equipment manufactures
  3. Time saving solutions: 30 fewer man hours spent in initiating the set- up. Efficient team is outsourced to complete the set-up process within the specified time
  4. Lower research work and negotiation work with brands
  5. Better price deals and recommended service: The main advantage of going through the industry veterans is that it is easy to access information or service at the door with up to minute information and tie-up with brands offering best price for the product across the globe
  6. Effective working plan: BW has also provided the effective work plan, tracking and process of automating repetitive manual tasks to avoid overlap of work
  7. Provide recruiting services and meet the manpower requirement based on their recruitment that includes the filtration process, selection, payroll process and replacement


BW has been an indispensable resource throughout the setup phase of the brewery. The assignment included a detailed equipment lay-out plan for a brewery producing specified quantities of beer per year and included a conceptual study, master plan for set-up, preliminary and detailed process design and the brewing contract development.

The project involved the identifying procurement strategy models, recommendations and preparing the client for discussions with suppliers. Included was a review of the existing situation, the creation of audit documents and templates, site inspection of existing malt operations and technical reports on existing facilities.

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