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From being a one-time rarity to becoming the popular norm


Aditya Challa Brew Master & Co-founder, Susegado Goa The calm, serene rush


Deolali, a small hilly town in Maharashtra, is a peaceful place, known for its temples and an old world charm. Growing up there must

One of the earliest brands to set up a micro brewery in Bangalore, in Karnataka, The Biere Club’s  founder duo Arvind Raju and sister

The journey of Vapour is an inspired one! VIKRAM RANA When an engineer, a BE in Chemical Engineering, with a Post Graduation in Plastics Technology decides

SONBIR KUMAR YADAV General Manager, Batli 29 Brewery and Pub Setting up the brewery a year and a half ago was not easy. The investment was astronomical

AJAY NAGARAJAN CEO A technology professional with a master’s degree in electronics engineering, Ajay Nagarajan seems to be an unlikely person who is so much in

Abhimanyu Boken Harshit Arora Owners & Founders Everyone has a story to tell, and we often forget there’s always an after story too. A hidden gem

Niharika Raval GM AMIT GOWDA Owner WHAT IS THE CONCEPT BEHIND THE DRUID GARDEN? Concept of The Druid Garden was based on two ideas, that could connect one with

Pushpendra Yadav Founder & Owner, QUAFF Opening their door in 2015, Quaff Pub has created a name for itself based on their constantly evolving beer styles

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