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In 2008, India was officially introduced to beer that went beyond the commercial lager. Freshly brewed by small, independent and traditional craft breweries –

India, 22nd March 2021: Anheuser Busch InBev (AB InBev), the world’s leading brewer, today announced Vineet Sharma as Vice President - Marketing and New Business

Molson Coors Beverage Company is giving new meaning to “going green.” In the U.K., Molson Coors has launched a low-carbon glass beer bottle following a

With brands like Asahi, Kirin and Sapporo and Suntory ruling the commercial beer space and a large number of microbreweries dotting the craft beer

There are beer drinkers and then there are serious beer drinkers. And serious beer drinkers cannot stop waxing eloquent about Belgian’s rich beer culture. From

Krones will in the future, synergise all its operations to do with brewery business under a single roof: Steinecker GmbH. Beginning in April

For ardent beer lovers looking to expand their horizons beyond local breweries, beer can be a serious hidden travel cost. In some corners of

There’s a new trend that has been bubbling in the beverage industry. It’s refreshing, delicious and far lower in calories than beer and wine. Meet

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