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Established in 2017, Thirsty Beers is a new-age beer company


Of late, the Indian beer market has been witnessing the


Michael N. Jensen Managing Director, Carlsberg India The Danish beer brand, Carlsberg came to India in 2006 by incorporating a company named South Asia Breweries Pvt.

Susanne Hecht Global Sales Director, Schneider Weisse History and alcohol haven’t always been the best of companions, they are often seen as two externalities of time

Kartikeya Sharma Marketing Director, AB InBev India With the launch of Beck’s Ice in India, AB InBev will pioneer a new chapter in the Indian beer

Javed Murad Founder, White Owl Brewery The move to bottle craft beer directly caters to strong and growing consumer demand across all sales channels in India.

Javed Murad Owner, White Owl Rocketing into the India craft beer market in 2014, Javed Murad, founder of White Owl, fell in love with the essence

Hops and Barrels Pvt Ltd There is no doubt there has been exponential growth in the craft beer market in India. From various microbreweries flaunting

As beer styles continue to evolve it’s easy to identify there are hundreds of documented beer styles and a handful of organizations with their

Ameya & Partha Mehendale Co-Founders, Yavasura With India becoming a melting pot of beer, in terms of flavour, aromas, ingredients, craft, draught, or bottled comes another

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