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Breakfast Comes Full Circle with Dairy Giant, Milk&More’s Latest Move

In many countries abroad, particularly in the UK, nothing screams breakfast more than a glass bottle of fresh milk being delivered to your doorstep.

However, one dairy company is shaking things up a little.

British dairy giant, Milk&More, who also happens to be UK’s largest electric vehicle operator, has just made an extraordinary move into low-alcohol craft beer delivery. What are they offering? Pints of Ipswich-based brewery – Big Drop’s 0.5 percent ABV lager, pale ale and brown ale along with people’s bottles of morning milk. For those who aren’t aware, Big Drop is currently one of the leading players in the low and no-alcohol sector.

There are two reasons to love this move. The first (and most obvious) reason being that, well, it’s beer. And the fact that it’s low in alcohol makes it even better. The second: this encourages more people to make the switch from plastic cartons to glass bottles, in a small bid to save the environment. As per the Mirror Online, the number of doorstep drops has jumped from 800,000 a day to a million over the past two years; Milk&More alone, now boasts more than 500,000 customers.

But you know what else is cool? To the British, breakfast has always had two founding fathers – milk and beer. For hundreds of years prior to the early 1800s, the English drank beer for breakfast.

Beer used to be called the breakfast drink because plain water back then was usually contaminated, and other beverages like coffee and tea, let alone hot cocoa, were not too easily available. Plus, beer delivered carbs you needed to get through the day.

This Christmas season, Milk&More customers can get Big Drop lager and ales, along with other gourmet festive treats like turkeys and a selection of British artisan cheeses, and of course, fresh milk!

Dairy and grain, delivered straight to your doorstep right in time for breakfast. Is there really a better way to start your day?

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