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Beer & Food Pairing




1. Grill one portion – 4 skewers of marinated chicken breasts on a griddle plate or griller with hooves at 4500F for 2 min on each side.
2. Transfer the skewers onto a steel plate and bake in a convection oven for 2-3 min at 1800C.
3. In the meanwhile, arrange a banana leaf square on a stone platter.
4. Heat the sweet and spicy peanut sauce in a wok or microwave. Ensure that the sauce is just warm and not piping hot.
5. Arrange the skewers on the banana leaf as shown in the image and garnish with small Thai red chili.
6. Serve with sweet & spicy peanut sauce and lime wedge.



1. Spread Mushroom Ragout, all the way to the edges of a thin crust raw malt pizza base.
2. Distribute shredded mozzarella followed by pulled ghost chicken, sliced white onions and casted cheese slice rectangles.
3. Roll the pizza like a Swiss roll, seal the edges of the roll and transfer it onto an aluminum foil.
4. Bake the pizza at 2300C in a conduction oven for 10-12 min. till the outer crust of the roll is baked and crisp.
5. Remove the pizza from the oven and cut the sealed edges off the roll on both sides. Cut the roll then into two rolls first and then cut each half diagonally.
6. Arrange a rectangle parchment paper in the center of a wooden bat as shown in the image.
7. Toss Rocket Lettuce in salt, pepper and olive oil and arrange it towards the head of the wooden bat on the parchment paper.
8. Arrange the slices of the roll on the parchment paper with all cut ends facing one side and the cooked top part of the pizza facing upwards as shown in the image and serve.



1. Cut two slices each of Wheat Bread Carahell, Wheat Bread Caraaroma & Wheat Bread Sinamar into ¾’’ thickness diagonally and heat all the slices in a microwave for 30 seconds.
2. Remove the slices from microwave and bake them in a convection oven for 60-90 seconds at 2200C.
3. Meanwhile, arrange a stone plate with the four dip bowls filled with fresh tomato salsa, basil pesto, bacon / pepper jam and beer butter as shown in the image.
4. Arrange the sliced breads in the sequence of Sinamar bread slice followed by Caraaroma bread slice and Carahell bread slice placing them once above the other. Repeat the sequence
for the remaining slices
5. Place the two sequences on a cutting board with crust facing on top and cover them using a white parchment paper.
6. Slide a food grade thread below the breads and tie a knot above the parchment paper sealing the breads like a parcel.
7. Place the bread parcel besides the dips as shown in the image and serve.


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