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Designed and Manufactured by Brewery Plastic Limited. ANDREW RHODES Director of Group Sales, Brewery Plastics Ltd How do plastic alternatives help in adding value to the brewery industry? As an alternative to traditional materials like steel for casks and timber for wooden pallets, injection molded plastics provide some superior


Damian Martin Head of International Sales Triton SELF-SERVICE DRAFT BEER–A BRIEF HISTORY Draft beer is a profitable product which continues to steadily increase its market share in countries around the world, including India. Much attention is given to the logistics of getting beer to the drinking outlets and to


A STUPENDOUS SUCCESS The month of February saw the winning combination of beer, technology, and food with a focus on business, internationality, and training at BEER ATTRACTION 2017, at IEG - Fiera di Rimini. The event was a huge success. In addition to the specialty and craft


Hoppris d.o.o. was established in 1999 as a family owned company. We are located in Slovenia, a small country in Europe, which is fifth in the world in hop production. The company’s main activity is hop production and hop trade at an International level. Our


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