For Beer Lovers!

Brewer World is all about educating, connecting and bringing together the brewers and beer drinkers’ community. It will be a mix of technology, lifestyle and education on brewing and beer.

Over the last few months, we have lived, breathed, thought and dreamed beer! And this painstaking effort is now in a concrete shape-Brewer World!

In a world of virtual social connections, beer today seems to be the ONE binding factor for youth!  It stands for an opportunity to spend time with buddies, peers and family, without the trappings of social acceptance.

For, beer is not about alcohol, it’s about connecting.

Don’t believe it? Look at the rapidly growing number of breweries in your city, or country!

India is an interesting market, at the threshold of high growth. While established brands from large breweries still hold sway in the market owing to their extensive distribution and reach, the craft brewers are also fast gaining a foothold.

So on one hand, we will talk about the latest in equipment and technology, hygiene and maintenance, raw materials and products; on the other we will discuss various aspects of beer -tastes, uses and even health benefits that it offers.

We bring you information about the other parts of the brewery that everyone does not see-the science behind the production and sale, brewing styles and delicate details that alter the taste… ever so mildly.

We bring opinions of experts from across the world on how to enjoy your Beer!

BW will talk to you about established and new brands of companies that sell larger volumes and already have a presence the Indian market, how they fare and how they will grow. We will also bring to you interesting information on beer tourism, education for becoming a world class brewer, what to eat with beer, how to cook with it, even how to identify a great taste!

We shall regularly feature great brands, beer places, their ambience, the tastes they create and the aspirations of the brewers for perfection!