One Stop Shop For Excellence

One Stop Shop For Excellence


Advanced techniques, mature management, cutting edge technology and innovative design is what precedes HLB Glassware’s reputation in the international market. Located in New Town Shanghai. HLB International Co, Ltd. Is an import and export corporation which specializes in the design, manufacture and sale of glassware. Our main manufactured products are – Red Wine, Champagne, Whisky, Crystal, Advertising Cups and Beer Glasses. Our business scope also includes machining glassware, chinaware decoration appliqué, baking and screen-printing.

Our aim is to serve our customers with higher quality, favourable prices, increase product yields and help investors get bigger profits. With our growing technology, perfect quality and strong productivity, HLB glass have captured the international market.

We focus our speciality in quality glass making and have a product line ranging from wine, champagne, whisky& goblets, shot and beer glasses. We continuously strive to expand our product range and introduce new inventions to the global market.


We continuously strive to expand our product range and introduce new inventions to the global market.


Tall, slim and slightly wider at the mouth with no or minor curves, commonly known as a Beer Stein, it captures the sparkling effervesces, colour and clarity of a Pilsner Style brewed beer.


Snifters are often used for brandy, cognac and whiskey. The glass’ tapered curve helps capture and enhance aromas. High gravity beers -barleywines, tripels, eisbocks, and Belgian strong ale are commonly served in a snifter. Typically reserved for beers with strong flavors and aromas, the snifter is great at enriching the aromatics of beer.


The tulip glass helps enhance the flavour and aromatics of hoppy and malty brews, designed with a top rim that curves outward, forming a lip that helps ensnare the foam head.


One of the most common beer vessels is the pint. The versatility this glass provides, makes it a friend to all styles of brewed beer.


Eco Silk-Screen Printing: Classic screen printing with organic inks curable by UV light or heat treatment. This method allows representation of brilliant colours in almost all shades.

Eco Transfer Image: Decals/ transfer printed with organic inks are applied to the glass like stickers and are then cured by heat treatment.

Classic Transfer Image: Decals or transfers printed with in-organic inks are applied to the glass in a wet transfer process. After a curing period, they are fired in the kiln at high temperatures. This method is particularly suitable for unusual shapes and/or complicated colour transitions/ gradients.

Classic Silk-Screen Printing: Finest glass particles and crystals blended with ink pigments are applied to the surface of the glass through the screen mesh. During a kiln firing process of several hours at around 600˚C, the colours merge with the glass surface or with the glaze of acera-mic objects.

Eco Coating: Full-surface painting of glass & ceramics with organic inks. This technique creates a translucent look in the near-entire range of pantone colours.

Stain Coating: Special painting processes allow full-surface or partial surface frosting (satin-finishing) of glasses. The acid-etched painting process provides the entire glass surface with a finely structured, ‘ice-cooled’ appearance.

Eco Metallic: Innovative decoration with high-quality metallic appearance. By multi-layer coating, metallic effects inside the glass can be combined with a different exterior colour.


2D: Particles are removed from the surface of the glass by means of an energetically charged & parallel-aligned light ray. This method allows creation of nucleation points & logos.

3D: A process whereby concentrated light rays penetrate the inside of the glass, creating visible laser points.

Eco Pad/Tampon Printing: Pad/tampon printing is an indirect intaglio process whereby the ink is pushed through the screen by an elastic pad/tampon made of silicon rubber.