A Two-Day Beer Extravagance!

A Two-Day Beer Extravagance!



A holiday in Goa begins when you have sipped your first beer and The Beer Circus, curated & executed by Joshua Antao, Ayesha Kirti Gurung and Natasha Parekh from Pataka Events ensured their patron’s mugs never ran dry. The Beer Circus was in town on the 4th and 5th of November at the beautiful Stone Water Eco Resort, Bogmalo. Close to 1500 people attended the Beer Circus and were left enchanted by the serene ambience the venue had to offer. Over 16 different brands, across commercial & craft beers were part of the two-day festival.

One of the most unique concept at the festival was the Brewniversity, a learning zone aimed to educate beer lovers on the finer nuances of beer and brewing. The sessions were headed by none other than John John Eapen, renowned for Tales of Froth, India’s very own beer evangelist. He shared his love and knowledge of all things beer and gave a brief insight into the history of beer, types of beers and conducted tasting sessions of the various beers at the circus.

The food stalls covered innovative recipes inspired by the element of beer that had everyone salivating for more of these scrumptious gastronomic delights from across various cuisines. The flea stalls had beer inspired memorabilia that had patrons thronging to their counters and getting their share of merchandise. The festival had a heady lineup of amazing live music by talented musicians and bands from across the country. The Jass Bastards, The Fanculos, Thaalavattam, Voctronica, Bombay Djembe Folas, Mc Kaur and the Band, Raul with Raagas2Riches and Alphacode7 covering musical genres from Accapella to West African folk music performed at the Beer Circus. The festive mood was amped up with the drum circle by Anand Bhagat and audience members as they thumped along in rhythm thus, setting the tone for the Beer Circus on the second day.

The second day was made even more grand with about 50 Harley Hogs making a roaring entrance with their Harley’s in tow. Sammy Coelho lead an enthusiastic audience to an enlightening beer yoga session as beer chuggers danced and breathed to the yogic tunes while chugging on some beer.

Needless to say, the beer circus was fun and a festive celebration of beer in all its elements across music, food, flea with an added twist of education and yoga. And as the sun set on the first edition of this two-day extravaganza, one can wonder when the #chugchugcircus will roll into town again.

Cheers to a Beerific Life!!

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