Design  You Can Taste

Design You Can Taste


Marketing Manager,
Sahm GmbH & Co. KG

The whole experience of appreciating a good beer has the elements of a fine dining episode. The sight, aroma and finally the taste matter! The glass that is used to serve beer is usually a critical element in all three factors. The right kind of glass, a certain shape and the right quality, can add immense value to the colour, aroma and head of the beer. In the right glass, the beer can show most hidden attributes staying carbonated longer or glowing in its colour. Beer connoisseurs know that the shape of the glass has a big role to play in its aroma and flavour. While the basic requirement is just a clean “beer clean” glass, the shape may help in preserving the effervescence of the beer or even to retain the head for longer.

While almost any quality of glass can hold beer, there are some brands that have a global edge. It should be no surprise then that one of the world’s leading brands of glass come from the country of beer drinkers, SAHM was founded by Emil Sahm in 1900, Germany as a small pewter factory based in the Westerwald. Today its customer base includes both world’s leading beer brands and local, small and medium-sized breweries. Many of the brand glasses you know and have probably already drunk from were developed and produced exclusively by the team at SAHM.

As a medium-sized company managed by its owners in the fourth generation. SAHM is one of the world’s leading suppliers of glasses for the beverage industry, with a total of more than 450 employees in Europe, Asia and America. SAHM’s customers, who range from regional drinks manufacturers to international corporations, place their confidence in SAHM’s expertise: highly competent, in-depth consulting on brand positioning, modern and innovative glass and decoration designs combined with impressive customer service and logistics departments. Beer, soft drinks and spirits are enjoyed around the world – preferably in high-quality glasses, of course. SAHM’s decision to expand its business into the global market was a reaction to the needs of international clients many years ago. SAHM’s company philosophy is to monitor markets and get involved wherever the variety of beers and glasses is gaining in importance. To this end, SAHM is currently focusing on the craft brewers’ scene in many countries worldwide. Beers made by hand with skill, care and a love of detail need to be
presented in special glasses.

SAHM large selection of high-quality glasses contains designs that have been tried and tested many times, and that have even won several awards. Satisfied and successful customers around the world use SAHM glasses.

However, sometimes there is a need for something completely new or unique to meet the highest demands such as an exclusive glass that is designed and produced for beer branding of one beer or brewery only. Developing a modern exclusive glass covers much more than just the design of the glass and decoration. SAHM’s knowledge of the market and the particular requirements placed on the function of a branded glass in terms of its sensory and functional quality play just as big a role as an effective logistics concept, which guarantees short-term availability at all times.

SAHM accompanies the customer during the design and production of customized glass from the first to the last steps as a competent partner.

The decoration on a glass is every bit as important as the company logo. The design of the glass decoration and how it is executed can express values such as quality standards, style, tradition and modernity. In this way, an anonymous product can become a valuable brand item that actively communicates the marketing message. However, a successful branded glass only results from a perfect symbiosis of glass and decorative design. SAHM’s decoration designers incorporate new ideas and years of experience, helping brands get into customers’ minds.

Based on findings by TasteDesign®, SAHM develops glasses individually tailored to the flavour profile of a brand. With the possibilities of modern decoration technology, SAHM can convey this unique flavour experience to the consumers’ minds.

The glass affects the taste! The shape of the glass plays a significant role in determining the optimal development of the aromas and taste of fine drinks. Together with the renowned taste expert and world-class sommelier, Markus del Monego, SAHM analyzes the individual flavour structure, appearance, colour, smell, foam formation and foam development of every beer and then define the result using an evaluation matrix containing key parameters such as sweetness, bitterness and body.

Combined with the knowledge about the sensoric properties of particular shapes of glass, together with modern design and the best finishing and glass quality, the result is special glasses and ranges of glasses, which perfectly and individually match the product.

SAHM flexible, service-oriented approach and readiness to carry out orders with an international network of production and logistics sites, SAHM glasses are not only manufactured quickly but also brought on-site in a very short time.

The central planks of our logistics concept at SAHM are close collaboration with high-performance transport companies, a state-of-the-art high rack warehouse with RFID technology. A comprehensive network of production and warehouse sites in Europe and Asia.

Whether global or nationwide, SAHM is fast and flexible partner for high-quality brand glasses and logistics tasks. In addition to excellent designs and exclusive brand glasses, it goes without saying that SAHM customers want reliable production capacity, constant availability and short delivery times. Ideally on a global scale. Smooth logistics are therefore one of the key factors for our success.

Finding the right glass for customers’ needs is an exciting process. SAHM will be your qualified and powerful partner.

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