Happy Social Media Hours

Happy Social Media Hours



“Single malt is best had old with old friends, Beer is best fresh with freshers”

In 2017, the traditional advertising industry is estimated to touch Rs. 63,000 crore with both print and TV sharing 38-40% each. While most media companies are feeling happy high and marketers are busy exploring exhaustive opportunities to grab eyeballs; one industry is sulking with a flat head.

Alcohol manufacturers and microbreweries unfortunately are left to party with traditional media playing the surrogate mother host.

There is hope at the start of the barrel

The ever fresh and brewing digital media valued at Rs, 2,750 crore comes to rescue and is boasting to grow at 16% in 2018. “Social Media Advertising” revenue alone amounts to US$214m in 2017.

How does digital help our pitchers of problems?

1. Hop Horoscopes Match
If you take a panoramic view of beer drinkers and the digital media, both are millennial natives representing our youth statehood.

2. It’s not about beer
Drinking beer is not just about how many you can gulp down. It’s what you converse, create, confess, love, vent, entertain, play and finally share over it. Ditto-social media.

3. The Like & Alike Attitude
While the single malt generation prefers a ‘postpone’ sharing happiness approach, the beer brigade largely comprising of millennials is brash to ‘post’ their social highs. Social Media is ever ready to oblige them gracefully. Our beer millennial natives are omnipresent online and social media dominates to quench their thirst for instant gratification. Furthermore, with Tuesday now the new Friday, there are no dry days for social media and on social media, every day calls for a celebration with or without reasons to believe.

4. Bleep to be**
Inspite of Social Media Guidelines and Advertising Policies of Alcohol Brands not allowing direct sale of alcohol brands, it gives way to promote associated content without diluting the brand equity. If you compare advertising guidelines laid down for alcohol brands in traditional media vehicles, digital media is still sitting chill. That’s a blessing in disguise for beer brands.

5. Cheers to Content
Ironically, be** is the only mode of digital communication available to brands to get audiences grab their beer. You can either look at it as a content strategy opportunity resulting in long-term customer loyalty or employ a bag of tricks to wow customers with cheap short-term memory thrills.

6. *Statutory warning
The average shelf life of a post on social media is until a new update loads. Your digital campaign better be brewed to stay fresh with every refresh and win consumer recall.

Let’s drink one to that!

Next month feature:
Techniques to cheer content on social media.

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